⚠️Victorian 2022 Election Fraud EXPOSED

Intercepted phone calls reveal the extent of the fraud and corruption in the Dan Andrews Victorian election

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  1. This only confirms what so many victorians already knew. We got screwed by these bastards messing with the preference voting. Why won’t the chairman change this corrupt system to the same as the rest of the country & the federal elections. No point in an investigation cos the chairman has everything wrapped around his finger.

  2. Is it election fraud or is absolutely milking the preferential voting system, and from my understanding that system is legal. It is crazy that a candidate can get the highest number of direct votes but be beaten by a .5% candidate that got all the other parties votes due to preference deals!🤔

  3. I hope someone in Victoria formally reports this RACKETEERING to police . The fact that a corporation in the form of a Political Party is forming fictional parties to capture preference votes for money is CRIMINAL. THIS LEACH IS ADMITTING THAT THEY ARE TAMPERING WITH THE VOTING SYSTEM. I live in South Australia otherwise I would have reported this to Police already

  4. I want to see this information actually achieve something. It seems these people can just get away with it, just like Fauci and Biden etc. When and how can this be changed. It would take over 50% of the country to be in agreement and act in unity and we know that'll never happen.

  5. Was that Heston Russell recording the meeting? Whoever it was, you're a legend. The Australian people owe you a huge debt of gratitude for the risk that you took in the name of freedom.

  6. Why would politicians suddenly get honest at election time? Same with Biden. ALL elections can no longer be trusted, so democracy is dead. It is now rule by the SWAMP. "By… Pharmaceuticals was every nation DECEIVED." kjv BIBLE, Revelation 18:23 original Greek. Now read John 3:16…it is VERY late!

  7. What is it with leftists, they have an obsession with branding conservatives, or anyone with common sense fascists These people are So destructive

  8. those people who shout facist are the real facist they even want to play a dirty game to undermine a democratic vote !! this anti democratic behavior is one part of the definition of fascism

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