✈️#911Truth Part 11: Feature Documentary: 9/11 Alchemy – Facing Reality by Wolf Clan Media

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In #911Truth Part 11, I have uploaded (with permission) Christian Hampton’s epic and game changing documentary on 9/11, the advanced technology involved, and the continual coverup by controlled opposition “truth” movements. Chris uses his skills as an audio engineer and filmmaker to build upon the work of Dr. Judy Wood, and by focusing on the advanced holographic image projection technology used to mimic large Boeing airliners. Directed (Free) Energy Technology (DEW) is the main type of technology used on 9/11; from creating “plane” illusions to turning 7 large world trade center towers to dust, steering a giant Hurricane Erin off the coast, altering the Earth’s magnetic field, levitating cars, and interfering with nearby cameras and phones; on this day September 11, 2001, 17 years ago, energy, matter, metal, elements, and our very reality was manipulated before our very eyes. And it is long overdue that we begin wrapping our minds around what our eyes saw but our minds initially couldn’t comprehend.

Chris joins the ranks of Dr. Judy Wood in being one of only a few to have trusted what their own eyes were telling them, instead of the scripted propaganda coming out of the mainstream and controlled alternative radio, TV, and online media outlets. From demonstrating that the impossible cartoon physics of large aluminum commercial planes flying at abnormal high speed at low altitude, with no trailing air vortex, very little sound, effortlessly gliding through solid steel girders, impact hole showing no evidence of “planes” nor even high heat as people were seen alive and well in the impact holes, and verifying without a shadow of doubt it was not merely “video fakery”, to demonstrating how disinfo alternative agents and groups have blatant Occult/Freemason connections, and to foreshadowing of 9/11 throughout movies, TV shows, and even throughout history; Chris Hampton provides the most complete picture of the entirety of the events that unfolded that day.

Furthermore, Chris Hampton, and the entire crew at Wolf Clan Media, demonstrate that the “other” 9/11 sites: the Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, correlate in almost the same way as with the World Trade Center destruction. Once again Energy was Directed to create a hole in the Pentagon, and in the ground at Shanksville; both sites also showing no evidence of *conventional* planes; neither impacting or remaining after the holes were made. Chris also has the keen eye to match the events at all the sites to the minute by minute magnetometer readings of the Earth’s Magnetic Field. Absolutely insightful and fascinating stuff!

While 9/11 represents the point at which the world officially moved to one governed by fear, death, destruction, war, genocide, surveillance, ignorance, hopelessness, and inhumanity; the equal and opposite of this reality has been officially revealed possible: free energy, free thinking, hope, peace, knowledge, understanding, Alchemy of matter and consciousness, and the dustification of the mental walls that prevent us from seeing reality for what it truly is…. And now we just have the choice to face reality with a clear and hopeful mind.

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  1. Absolutely mind blowing analysis !
    I had previously considered that the towers were demolished by military explosives and the holographic images orchestrated from the third building.
    How keen were these observations ! Absolutely phenomenal ! Wonderful joining of the dots !
    Thank you.

  2. There was a video on WCM’s channel that was about an hour of nothing but references in Hollywood like he shows at the beginning of this documentary. Was it taken down or am I blind? Do you have it archived by any chance?

  3. High…great video! I think it has great information that is objective and well done. Just wanted to let you know audio cuts out a couple key places. 1:38.02-1:39.51 and 1:51.05- 1:51.27 approximately. I was really engrossed at those moments too. Thanks again for making it.

  4. Not to sound idiotic but can holograms be videotaped? Or are they like vampire ish.or like me looking at old pics of me and the t.v is blurred out?

  5. Amazing work here. I am not strong on Science so some content definitely did confuse me. Initially I thought the hologram and gelatin stuff was a curveball to make people think there wasn't a plane or CGI but it comes back to this and I think what it's saying is there was a hologram which people saw but that's why there's no evidence of the planes in the debris is that right? I definitely don't understand how they were able to control the hurricane but I accept it in terms of needing the conditions to be able to view said holograms? Have I got it right or am I totally lost? Haha. Does this also mean all hurricanes, natural disasters, Tsunamis etc can be diverted if not stopped or controlled in some way? I think what's missing from here is why this was done, why people are complicit such as the "hijackers", what are the links to CIA, Government, Banks etc. In terms of fear, control, a psy op and connections to freemasonry I do get it. But there's more to this whole thing. Still I'm in awe of this level of detailed research and evidence and greatful to be able to share it!

  6. sadly   almost  20  years   and  USA  is  in worse  shape than ever standing on rim of depression and still at war with IRAQ and AFGHANASTAN !  WHERE DOES AMERICA GO FROM HERE?

  7. You know what’s crazier after finding out our own government planned 9/11? Is that they’re worshipping a group of inter dimensional reptilians that they need to sacrifice humans to. Follow the rabbit hole and your head will spin.

  8. 9-11 had two lasting impacts: permanent war footing, especially in the Middle East, and the establishment of a security state at the expense of civil liberties. this was not done by a few Saudis.

  9. I like your show so much and return to watch it every now and then. But each time I am a little disappointed that you say you are "exposing the truth movement for what they really are."
    Do you really think the entire truth movement is a bad thing? It is only because of the work of those in that movement that I woke up. I like your movie and your desire to seek the truth, but it is hard for me to understand your complete dismissal of the entire truth movement. I believe most in that movement are seeking the truth as best they can under circumstances of so much secrecy and deceit by our government and the governments of the world.

  10. This is best combo of information ive ever seen, & it changed my life forever after watching it..
    Today on the anniversary of this attack on the people, im recognizing all who were murdered that day, by rewatching.
    This was not a simple feet!! And i SO appreciate your hard work into this film/topic.
    Let TRUTH Reign Supreme!
    ? ?? September 11th 2020