Biden Vowed to End the Nord Stream Pipeline – Coincidence or Sabotage? Viva Clip

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  1. The pipelines in question are on the bottom of the North Sea at about eighty meters. Russia doesn't pump any gas through however there is gas in the pipes for pressure reasons Environmentalists shouldn't have an incentive to destroy the lines and therefore have the gas adding to global warming. Secondly you would need deep diving experience and knowledge of how to attach explosives under water! Impossible? Nothing is impossible but unlikely. Is Moscow interested in destroying pipelines that cost Gazprom a lot of money? Unlikely but possible! Would any of the surrounding Nations have an interest, unlikely! A terrorist group? But most terrorists are interested that their name gets out and send a letter! Except for one terrorist group with the name CIA but won't acknowledge or denied it🤪! It begs another question, if the CIA was involved did it happen with the knowledge of the Europeans or not?

  2. Viva, you are really losing me. You are hanging around with Barnes too much and picking up his conspiracy bullshit. You say that the CIA telling the Germans that there might be a threat to the pipeline is ridiculous but what would the rhetoric have been if they had specific intel of a specific threat and did NOT warn the Germans? Barnes would lose his mind if that happened as though that was PROOF that the CIA was in on it. You used to listen but still be skeptical. Please return to your former stance on these things. Listen to the evidence but stop jumping into the bullshit.

  3. Quickest way to fix it is drain the pipe, then purge that section with water and weld patches. They will probably just replace that section of pipe. Funny how the GA2 pipeline opened up the same day. 🤔

  4. Lighting that leak on fire is the BEST thing that could happen, until they shut the line off. Natural gas is mostly methane, which has 25 times the greenhouse gas effect of CO2. Burning it will convert to CO2, which will in term be used by plants and trees.

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