[🎬PREVIEW] Edward Dowd: 84% Rise in Excess Deaths Among Millennials

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“The age cohort from 25-44…experienced an 84 percent rise of excess mortality into the fall of 2021…[a] parabolic spike.”

—Edward Dowd, a former BlackRock portfolio manager who has been analyzing CDC and insurance company data on excess mortality.

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  1. I wonder what happened to the Nuremberg code. I just read it again and I’m at a loss as to how mandatory vaccines could even be implemented for something that has a survival rate that’s well over 99%.

  2. We have been fed so many lies. Well done, integrity is important. Someone made a lot of money out of these lies and they need to go to trial and face the consequences of these excess deaths.

  3. I wonder if this is a result of vaccines only or if fentanyl is playing a part. Fentanyl is a weapon of mass destruction courtesy of China and correlates with the analogy that a 40% increase in deaths of young people is a war.

  4. The Diabolical Situation is, from a UK Perspective, that very SPECIFIC irrefutable FACTS FROM A RELIABLE DATA SOURCE are almost impossible to Find!!! Dr Campbell on YouTube is marvellous but extracting "Statistics" from the NHS, Doctors, Statisticians, Government Agencies, Pharmaceutical companies etc. On the Who, what, where, when and How of infections, dates times, circumstances, ages., non-vaccinated, Natural IMMUNITY, deaths, survival rates etc., etc., etc., is virtually impossible! That the actual deaths from COVID-19 in persons under 65 years of age Without any underlying Health issues in the UK in 2020 was about 365 for about eight months is Staggering to say the least! Lockdowns, mask wearing, etc., predicated on such very weak evidence of severity!!! SCANDALOUS!

  5. A story about the "miracle" of vaccines. The original polio vaccine was grown in ground up green monkey liver cultures and had undetected monkey cancer viruses in the vaccine. It was only discovered after millions had been vaccinated. My generation, the first boomers. The Sabin vaccine replaced it. I had friends who spent time in an iron lung as a child. The little known story is in the book "Dr Mary's Monkey". Mary Sherman was an internationally known Doctor and researcher who had worked with Fermi at the university of Chicago. She died in a particle accelerator "accident". Her body nearly destroyed was found in her New Orleans home to look like accidental fire. A friend of thirty years and my lawyer who thought the polio vaccine contaminated story wasn't true asked his father, the 1992 Nobel laureate in medicine. His father without any hesitation said yes. We have to trust the vaccines because if we question Fauci we are questioning the personification of "science".

  6. We also need to consider that suicide and drug overdose rates skyrocketed.

    I lost two friends of mine within months apart who were in their 30s and early 40s. Both deaths were from depression and drug OD.

  7. 58,000 died in Vietnam but in the post war years more may have died from suicide or other things like perhaps Agent Orange.
    The CDC botched that study like they've done with Covid. And NIH is involved now. Ironically agent orange was suppose to bankrupt the system but covid is doing exactly that now.

  8. The oligarchs are killing us! It is in their Agenda 2030. It was in the Georgia Guidestones. They want you to eat bugs and no meat, give up your car, and not travel. Wake up before it's too late!

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