🏛 ELECTION FRAUD ~ Prof. David Flint 🗳

🏛 ELECTION FRAUD ~ Prof. David Flint 🗳

1 ) Lessons from the 2022 Federal Election 📊
2 ) The future of the Liberal Party 🧮
3 ) Fraud in the 2020 USA Presidential Election 👁

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Written by Joel Jammal


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  1. An Australian Republic will be the point of no return for Australia. Once it's done, it can't ever be undone. And we've seen what such an entity would look like, if it ever operated in the manner which was proposed. Because we've already been living under it de facto for two and half years. However, they aren't going to sign off on it, until after they've been given the greenlight by their Aboriginal-only third chamber of Parliament. Ah.

  2. 76,000 'people' voted by phone as c o v i d positive…. remember that law was changed the day before the election due to a challenge from Teal candidate Monique Ryan. I personally know someone who voted in this manner and was NOT asked to provide proof of c o v i d positive test. This manner of voting is wide open to mass fraud as anyone with addresses can remotely vote on their behalf.

  3. The blank boxes people photographed & filmed where the independents names were NOT printed and coincidentally the only blank boxes were those of independents. I think Morgan Jonas or Monica Smit reported on those too. If you studied your choice of independent candidate beforehand and memorized their place by the letter allotted to them you'd of been fine but a lot of people just thought they would be able to see the names of their choices on the day and number appropriately only to discover they weren't on there, how could they have known which independent candidate belonged to which letter in all the blank boxes, most likely just changed their preferences to the select which were clearly named. Not good..

  4. The Professor is on the ball about everything. Calling it out for what it really is….this country is a shemozzlel being run by defacto TYRANTS.

    Riccardo Bosi of Australia One is the only leader that can get us out of this mess.

  5. Professor David Flint is the man. What an entirely informative & educative interview this is. Thank you gentlemen. Speaking of radio 2GB Graham Hood put out a video asking people to share that Ben Fordham was calling for anyone with information of the negative impacts the medical mandates are directly having on vital industries to contact him.

  6. Here's a summary of things we can do to get our power back
    Recall elections
    Veto power
    Only make laws the people have requested
    Candidates chosen for merit only
    Citizen judges

  7. Joel both of you have no idea about what is going on, political parties are unconstitutional, two party preferred
    Preference voting is unconstitutional
    The constitution clearly states 1 vote for the lower house and 1 vote for the upper house and there are only six electorates, WA, SA, VICTORIA, NSW, QLD AND TASMANIA, THE NT AND THE ACT DO NOT EXIST IN CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AS NO REFERENDUMS WERE CONDUCTED TO ALLOW THEM TO EXIST.

  8. The preferential voting system in Australia is NEVER EVER counted correctly. What nobody seems to ever observe is that breaking up all the preferences into booth-by-booth counting completely alters the outcome of the preference count for that electorate. The entire electorate's votes MUST be compiled into a single pool for all the preferences to be correctly passed upwards to the next preferred candidates running for the (entire) electorate. 

    Breaking the vote count up into booth-by-booth summaries eliminates enormous numbers of minor party preferences at each booth; but, added up across the electorate, as the AEC is required to do but never ever does (among its many other sins), the preference totals may be sufficient in many cases for the minor parties to build up the numbers to leapfrog larger parties in the tally, and then to ultimately get the second preferences from Labor or Liberal voters and win the seat. The AEC has rigged the system, whether it be by design or sheer idleness I do not know. But their standard practice is to never ever count the votes correctly. Our elections are not a joke, but the AEC treats them as such, every single time.

  9. It should be mandatory to have an IQ test before voting in Australia. Because if anyone who voted Labor, Liberal Teals (Get Up) or Greens obviously would fail. It was totally rigged folks Professor David Flint is exactly right.

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