? Rents Set to Rise – Housing Supply Crash

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Rental rates are set to rise as the housing supply on the rental market continues to crash.
00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – Current Asking Rents
01:56 – Rent Controls
06:49 – ? Rents Set to Rise
10:00 – Solutions
10:57 – Outro

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  1. That's OK remember 3 weeks to flatten the curve.
    So how much freedom have you lost since then.
    Well done mask wearing sheep you will own nothing and be unhappy but you allowed this to happen

  2. Good get te investors out so we can actually buy our own house. Investment provides houses nope it puts the housing market beyond first home buyers. Some investors owned 5 to 20 properties.

  3. No the answer is not to supply more as the current vacancies on high supply areas will go to waste. On one hand people are moving regional for life style changes and on other hand resources that is allready is allocated is not used. Why it has not been planed at the first place and we have oversupply in some areas. Do we want to create more oversupply and more waste of resources? Tide should rise evenly and slowly

  4. Rent controls could work out ok for some landlords
    Say the goverment dose ifthey might say 3 benders get x ammount
    Units with 2 bedrooms get y ammount it might be they are paying under that set by the goverment a guess what the landlord will charge the set rent and why wouldnt he
    Goverment intervention stuffs up most areas

  5. We are a country with Investors driven NEGATIVE GEARING property.

    The more they increase RENTS more people will cut spending.

    We are in problem.

    No wonder NSW govt given 100 dollars dine voucher, now again 100 dollars food voucher to eat in sydney CBD and again 100 dollars coming for staying at hotels.

    People going to cut spending. The ones renting DEFINITE will cut.

    MILLIONAIRE house owners need to spend

  6. No immigration, no international travel more dwellings yet rents and prices rise….does anyone believe this is anything but criminal manipulation?

  7. Berlin hat rental limits imposed about 1yr ago and some people's rent dropped by up to 70%. However they were all told this will be fought in court. well about 2 months ago the court reversed it and people had to pay back all the rent. For many people it was in the thousands. The FB Aussies in Berlin group was inundated with people asking what to do coz they were now financially ruined (hipster coffee baristas don't earn much nor save for the future).

    Every single time the Gov't gets involved it's a shit show

  8. my rent went up already, extra $20 a week. i only work 18hours a week.
    luckily im not a moron living at the edge of my budget, so this is fine.
    i live within my means and can easily accommodate unforeseen circumstances.

  9. this housing shortage is not about rent-rise restrictions, it is caused by the lack of building that has been going on in australia for the last half a decade, which was slowly sliding backwards as far as satisfying demand goes.. and then came covid and brought building to a complete stop for the last year and a half..
    inb4: "2 weeks to slow the curve".
    then add to that, "expatriot" nation-traitors moving back here now that thier pedo-villas in thailand dont look so attractive anymore.

  10. In Cairns rental shortage with refugees from Melbourne trying to find something, met one who was commuting from Atherton for work. Also houses are selling quickly to the southerners.

  11. I have recently downsized and purchased a three bedroom apartment on the Gold Coast. I am quite surprised that more than half the car parks in the basement are permanently empty. It is not a new building, it’s 10 years old so it is established, I am just wondering where all the cars are. Do people not have cars or are the apartments empty.

  12. How about the solution is the least popular: remove insensitives and let the price fall. I don't agree building more is a good idea, waste of resources and the country is developed/ugly enough. And I say that as someone who both has a mortgage and isn't particularly a greeney.

  13. I'm wondering why:
    1) we have a building boom (and have had building and reno boom for a year now)
    2) We have had a big number of tourists, backpackers, students, temporary visa holders, temporary workers etc. leave out shores
    3) Borders closed to anyone but Aussie citizens.

    Why then, do we have such a housing shortage.
    Is something happening which the government isn't telling us?

  14. Indeed – not in Melbourne.
    Especially west of Melbourne, where rents are crashing due to oversupply.
    Just use the realestate website to do a map search of all advertised rentals between Altona and Werribee – it's a sea of red dots.

  15. This article is total farce!! Landlords putting up rent prices will only shoot their own feet. Out of the total 100% percent renters more than 50% percent will leave, move out and back to living with their parents or anybody they could cramped in with. This is what a lot of people I know have done and others are planning on doing so because they couldn't afford paying rent. Going to the Centrelink office applying for rent assistance have shot up ever since the pandemic last year. Now, with this new information about increasing rent will only damage the landlord's pockets, people will be forced to move out and group themselves so to afford a commune or a large premises convert it into a habitat or even grannyflat. This is the reality, not the ones you've just discussed on an article. There's a very strong case of avoiding paying rent to estate agencies due to its high cost plus rent keeps going up never down. As for estate agencies and greedy landlords these two cosy houses their days are numbered. They will never recover. Pretty soon only few people could afford to pay rent. What are they going to do with multiple properties to which they have to pay tax for them but can't afford to? These facts cannot be ignored. Real estate must stop spinning stuff which aren't true. The banks knew a significant amount of people have taken out large sums of superannuation funds is an indicator for current reality.

  16. How many landlords are retirees who became property investors to fund their retirement, after being told there was not going to be a pension for them when they retire. The gov pushing that line must have created thousands of landlords.