👦🏻 Disney is 100% Coming for Your Kids

Leaked footage makes it very clear.

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  1. I will never buy, watch or have anything to do with Disney ever again until they get rid of sexualizing our children! Walt is rolling around in his grave!

  2. If the USA goes into a full blown war/depression and people lose everything none of this nonsense will even matter, and with the potato head in office we're almost there. 🤐

  3. Amazing how many pusillanimous, irresponsible parents can’t even bring themselves to stop buying Disney toys and Disney movie tickets for their kids. How many so-called conservatives have a Hulu, Disney or ESPN account? If you can’t even do the most basic thing you have no right to be angry about this kind of filth. You, in point of fact, are the problem.

  4. No need to outright preclude a societally-constructed, very small group of people.

    Also – more true – no need to make this socially-constructed, very small group of people the focus of all efforts in order to yield massively outsized representation.

    How does Disney think that making this issue THE issue possibly going to play out in their favor?

  5. Amazon and Disney own Hollywood you know the evil pedofiles that abuse little kids and sometimes even older people now the government owns Disney and Hollywood and do you know who owns the American government the Chinese communists party

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