💉 Bill Gates Talks Vaccines

I wish this guy would go away.

#BillGates #Covid #Memes

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  1. A self proclaimed eugenics proponent and computer guy isn't one who should be trusted when it comes to Healthcare. Look into his grandfather and Spanish flu and the Rockefeller Institute…

  2. The ill intention is in the body language of how he relayed that. Remember when they were the ones saying to trust the science and that is the best we can get on this? A temporary immunization that is relabeled a vaccine?
    Yeah no, time to protest my billy brothers and sisters I tired of getting fucked by elitist misters
    Don’t forget your rights and the greatest summarization of what it means to be American: The Preamble of the United States Constitution.
    Hope to see you gathered where the liberty sings.
    True Americans stand to the eye of tyranny and what it brings.

  3. Not a good job with (banning) therapeutics?? You couldn’t keep ivermectin under wraps from everyone! Thank God, literally, for “horse paste”; it saved so many lives!

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