💉 People Are Slowly Waking Up

A woman named Jennifer shares her personal story about covid and what led her to waking up to what’s going on. Before she used to brush off comments that covid was about control.

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  1. "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." – Benjamin Franklin


    ACTUAL "HEALTH & BIOLOGY" About 10%…… BROUGHT TO YOU BY : PFIZER (The Most Sued Company On Earth… Yet, Still Operating?… AND MAKING TRILLIONS…. NOW, BY FORCE….HMMmmmm?????)

  3. The vaccines don't protect against coronavirus or "stop the spread" as we were told. Now they say, "well, you get less sick than you would've otherwise." They don't actually know how sick you would've gotten otherwise. Smoke and mirrors, people.

  4. There are at least many thousands of cases like this just here in the US. This is only one type of injury. At least try and save your children if you can't save yourself.
    It's just begun. Çrimes against humanity deserves a rope.

  5. It will get to the point soon when the censors can't keep up. More than ever we need to go on the offensive. This is done by each one of you acting in your own way with no "authority" beyond your own heart and mind. We can't stop the tyrannical wave sweeping the world, but we can create parallel streams of relative freedom.
    They can't kill all of us unless you let them. They will, however, try.

  6. Doctors here are losing their license if they do not comply. Our Govt said there will only be 100 exceptions in our population. They put a limit on exemptions….how is that possible that a Govt knows ahead of time how many people will need an exemption.

  7. Good for you girl, you stopped drinking the kool aid. They are just trying to control everything. Just look around, groceries shelves are bare, gas prices are up and beyond, they close down two pipelines, they are planning to send people to their so called “quarantine camps” . This is Nazi propaganda in the first degree. Unfortunately for them,there are more of us who refuse their rules and won’t walk onto the trains like the Jews did in WW11. They’re looking for a fight it’s obvious, and man are they going to get one. You will lose Pelosi, Schumer, Soros, Brandon and the rest of you scum. There is going to come a breaking point very soon,then you’ll see what Americans are really like. I’m not counting all the sheep, become they just do what they’re told. God Bless America🇺🇸🙏🏻❤️ Land that I love.

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