💣 END THE MANDATE MADNESS! 🇦🇺 ~ Senator Gerard Rennick

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Written by Joel Jammal


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  1. The libs will be kept out of power now for a generation at least. Although they don't deserve to hold the reigns of power in this country ever again. Not after what the Morrison Government allowed to transpire on our soil. Even now the oh so based and right wing Dutton still supports cashless debit, proving they haven't learned a thing. And likely never will.

  2. While the libs are on the slow train to complete electoral irrelevancy and hopeful eventual deregistration, the collapse of this country will be one entirely of Labours own making, when the evidence becomes overwhelming through pro-longed mass blackouts and starvation.

  3. Working in a major metropolitan hospital in Victoria, I can't tell you how many conversations I've heard behind the scenes about the damage caused by the vaccine mandates. Sadly, I overheard a cardiologist lamenting to a patient, furious at the government's silence while he's seen a huge uptick in vaccine induced heart damage. I want everyone who pushed these mandates investigated for conflicts of interest, such as shares in pharmaceutical companies, and jail time for those who have destroyed people's lives

  4. Well hold on , if yr going to count just the difference in deaths per annum surely you you’ll have to appreciate the annual increase in population which has an average of around 5%. That taken into account then this difference (in the Covi period) will be somewhat diminished.

  5. Even though the Victorian government has removed jab mandates for employment they have left it open for employers to implement. Being unjabbed, I was looking online for employment and all the jobs that I found suitable had a prerequisite to be double jabbed for employment. How can they still do this when there is verifiable evidence that the jabbed can still get the virus and pass it on to others. I am still trying to get my head around this fact. The mind boggles.

  6. How are doctors and other corrupt people going to avoid catching the virus that is being spreading by misinformation, it’s not like the virus is by word of mouth. These horrible nasty people who don’t want to face the truth of what they have done always demonise the good people. Eventually they will have to deal with their inner consciences which will eat them alive. They cannot escape the highest being of all.
    Thank you senator and Joel.

  7. Did Renwick just say that APRA is controlled by the 6 health ministers…… do any of these health ministers actually practise medicine are they virologist do they make vaccines or were they the transport minister a few years ago ?excetera excetera and that he a federal politician can't do anything about that?! that cannot possibly be accurate as federal government override any state and how can APRA have more power then the people of the country and the government? hundreds of thousands of people have been signing petitions against these mandates and yet now they want a jab five year olds what are we going to do when they start dropping we've already had children die? And Davos saying that the media needs to create the censorship so they can have full control I mean we are supposed to be a democracy can we at least pretend we are?

  8. Politicians need a licence to do their job because quite frankly I think they are all corrupt they're taking our money and f**** up the country and it's no different now to what they were doing 40 or 50 years ago

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