? Australia’s Stimulus Economy | Over $500 Billion

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Australia’s economy is being propped up by billions of stimulus. Will future generations appreciate the burden we placed upon them?

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  1. I thought John Howard was Australia's worst Treasurer, well he has been beaten by Frydenburg as worst Treasurer and Morrison beats Abbott as worst Pm. They have screwed the hard working backbone of this country and generations to come.

  2. Hi Heise.. If you want to know how we were saved from a similar fate in the past, try finding strategies from Joseph Lyons the forcibly forgotten prime minister. Legend..!!

  3. Australia's current favourable economic position is purely thanks to this gargantuan stimulus. If that goes away, this 'recovery' will be revealed as merely an illusion..
    Interesting to see whether they'll have the nerve to turn off the cash tap.

  4. The irony here is so called conservatives run up massive debt with next government.. the socialists having to pay back…fat chance. Interesting decade ahead for anyone reliant on welfare or government support for survival. Fair bet the unemployed will eat the disabled and aged while those with any independent support will seek refuge in gated communities. Sounds like an episode of walking dead. If your planning on having children..your a heartless sob.

  5. Morrison is weak on covid . He just panders to premiers and panic media headlines . Too weak to lead us and let families and business get back together and have a fair go .

  6. Inflation will negate the economic benefit from stimulus & the economy will experience more severe contraction. What a disaster for Australians! And to think citizens are applauding their government for the implementation of such reckless & ill-considered policies. Infection control without lockdown would have balanced economy & health outcomes & IMO is better policy pursued by nations like Japan & Taiwan.

  7. Currency printing is here to stay until it collapses the value. You will know this when u can no longer buy food ar a reasonable price. The question is what would you accumulate that keeps up and over perform the inflation?

  8. I suspect the enormous debt burden is the reason we are having a Great Reset. The slate gets wiped clean, but we own nothing and there are no more sovereign nations.

  9. The question is not if there are stimulus, but who's benefiting more with they. Here in Mexico, govt has been doing it with a progressive approach giving more stimulus to people who need it more. Also without increasing public debt significantly. The big companies has not been bailed out or tax cutted whatsoever, simply because they can get a loan to survive. I work at a shopping center company which just in october got his IPO. Altough we're having challenging times we can go on by ourselves without asking for papa govt aid. Laissez faire, amigos.

  10. I don't see how the pandemic-induced recession improved anything. It brought no structural reforms. The international economic climate hardly inspires confidence. The only certainty ahead is a much greater burden of both public and private debt. Apart from widening social divisions in a bifurcated recovery.

  11. job seeker should be returned to the 250dollars stimulus my rent has gone from 170 per week to 205 per week since covit19 and every thing in the supermarket seems to have risen im 59 with lower back problems that's my world

  12. Australia's ceiling level of dept was one of the lowest in the world compared to US 15 years ago, or so where every man, woman and child, cat and dog owed $47 000 before they walked out the door. Does that mean we're a big country now!

  13. I like to be optimistic but what I see is a total economic meltdown. We depend heavily on borrowing, which has already been monumental. The big guys in the government know that the current financial problem is unfixable. So they let the mass to accept the crisis as a result of covid19 lockdown.

  14. Like every successful monetary reset in the past, they will destroy the economy, create a hyperinflationary depression, introduce CDBC and UBI, implement digital health pass and full digital surveillance, hyperinflate the debt away, reset the currency several times over the period, forgive debts, confiscate all assets.