? Only Months Away from the JobSeeker & JobKeeper Trap

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We are only months away from the JobSeeker & JobKeeper Trap. Will the economy stand on its own two feet?

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  1. People won't spend so economy meet cliff. "k' shape is nonsense as it really shows the prevention of a single collapse but more a plateau prior to the continued decline. 2020 was bad but now meet 2021

  2. People seem to forget that a lot of people did not get Jobkeeper or the increased Jobseeker. We just plugged along doing our little casual jobs for a few hours a week.

  3. Job keeper and job seeker will be relabelled to prop the economy by further artificial stimulation for the next election tragically keeping zombie businesses going at the expense new businesses replacing then so we be will be stagnating or going backwards.Not beats survival of fittest thereto be strong and growing.

  4. You can absolutely tell that Heiser just pumps out these videos in a rush every day when you take note of the spelling errors in the graphic video titles, such as this one "Traf" instead of "Trap"… There's only so much you can blame on English not being your first language, especially when you speak it with an Australian accent.. C'mon man, a little more attention to detail, please – Mistakes like that take away from the legitimacy of your videos and lead the more intelligent of your viewers to question the thoughtfulness (or lack thereof) behind your videos.

    You kinda wonder what time he has to be an architect with the amount of videos coming out every day of the week..

  5. This all began in 2008. The massive bailouts for international bankers was the start of an unsustainable Ponzi scheme. They all knew it couldn't last, and so they built bunkers in New Zealand.

  6. Long live corona! I mean it, double pay, to my business and additional tax deductions, indigenous employment discounts and tax deductions. Why anyone who is business orientated would wish to change this golden egg? I say good on you ScoMo at least once in my lifetime I have a much better income than ever before. Do I care about you peasants? Herr Flick from gestapo do not care about you! Ha ha ha


  8. The economy is currently on crutches and they're about to knock them out from under us all!
    We all know what's going to happen next, don't we?

    Why can the governent also see this?!!!

    Because of the "BIG RESET"?

    NO! The big communist NWO end of society instead!

    Welcome to the newfinancial enslavement world program instead!

    "You won't own anything and you'll love it".

    We have created this and we will all suffer because of it!!

  9. The BS real estate propaganda keeps being reported. I switched off the TV 10 months ago so I didn't become psychologically damaged from all the lies dished out from main stream media. I have no respect for the ABC, SBS, Channels 9, 7 & 10, Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald etc, and countless radio stations anymore. They are all part of the problem. They all dish out propaganda and they are all in favour of the new world order. Disgusting.

  10. Try living in Tassie, the intake of immigrants here two fold destroyed any prospects for Jobs and housing…Was a struggle before their arrivals! Don't like the truth, don't fkn comment!

  11. Don't distract our treasurer he is busy sorting out Google .LOL Good luck with that when he loses the Goliath battle nothing will be said , he can go back to sorting out the plebs

  12. Moral hazard: everyone knows the govt will continue to bail us out. Debt is too large for the govt to let go of stimulus. By mid March the govt will announce more stimulus.

  13. Hello Florian. All I see from the government is TEAM BANK! Debt Debt Debt. I wouldn't mind seeing some form of manufacturing and innovation. When Government and corporations become one the economy ceases to exist. I don't see much of a difference. If people start to save their money I think the banks will simply close their doors and confiscate deposits as we do have a bank bale in legislation. If you decide to sell your property where will you likely put your cash? I imagine the bank which can bail in if needed. There is government deposit guarantee protection for the citizens but the real test happens when the whole PONZI Scheme comes tumbling down. If the media did their job I think Australians would be horrified. I think media is simply a public relations mouth piece for the corporate government. Thanks Florian. As usual great post.

  14. We had a perfectly profitable business with 6 staff in march last year. We have only worked 20 days in the last 10 months. Come March we will all be on jobseeker.
    I dont understand why you would support all these businesses for 1 year and then pull the rug out before international borders are open. If that was the plan it might have been smarter to not support them in the first place, let them fail and save billions.
    Harvey Norman collected jobkeeper and recorded a record 400 millon yearly profit.

  15. so when I got job keeper in Victoria for 5 months i spoke to the ATO and asked them if they would bump up my tax in the near future to help pay back the government job keeper grants and they said No….. i take it they can say "oh well sorry who ever you spoke to doesn't make the rules here and the law is u need to pay back the government so we have to bump up your tax % annual sorry"

    so in other words I'm screwed

  16. Some of that data is well out of date. To be fair, job keeper is now at around 1/4 of the peak, and at a significantly lower level. And with just over 2 months left.
    Although airlines are stuffed, most of the rest of the economy is very optimistic now, and for very good reason. The economy can only be described as booming.

  17. The government has certainly NOT soaked airline workers with cash.
    NO! Apparently airlines are commercial business, and have to adapt to changing market conditions. Survival of the fittest!
    The housing market on the other hand…