馃敶 Inflation Data Sparks Biggest Market Crash Since Covid Lockdowns – Ep 840

路 Stock market has its biggest crash since 2020 covid lockdowns.
路 Food prices see biggest year over year increase since 1979.
路 #Bitcoin gets smoked.
路 #Fed needs to make some hard political decisions if it wants to stop inflation.
路 Get exposure to gold now before the entry point is a lot higher.

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Written by Peter Schiff


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  1. Peter, if you want to get a good laugh tune into today's show on Macro Voices –
    They did a hatchet job on you and then went to to tell people why they shouldn't
    own gold or silver and why now is a great time to buy bonds.

  2. How can anyone with any part of a brain vote for a democrat ?? maybe they like high gas prices, high food prices, higher rents higher inflation and more thieves running your gov't

  3. what if the us wanted that to go near af to the russians with the nato and before that they got some long positions on oil. Then Putin stops transferring oil to eur so oil prices go up and then the US artificially drops supply of barrels so the prices can go up even more!!! EASY MONEY HEHEHEHEHEH

  4. I'm so opportuned that irrespective of the current dip in cryptocurrency, economy crisis and financial conditions i am still able to earn $19,500 returns from my initial $6,500 every 10 days. Crypto investment is really profitable.

  5. Although< I have interests in global economics I don't watch the news anymore… I have enough FUD in the crypto markets lol. Thanks for sharing this news and offering your insight on how to navigate crypto during unfortunate times/events like this in your videos. As a new investor, 15 months of trading / investing, I went 95% cash end of June. We cannot predict bottoms, but it was obvious things were getting ready to go down. I don't watch the media but the news that you present gives me just enough to know what's going on without riding the emotional rollercoaster if I were to watch the news everyday. Now I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 10.6BTC from day trading with Craig Zach. Signal in 5 weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish..

  6. unsustainable debt, low interest rates, inflation… tragic … Austrian Economics, sound money, the free market, Ron Paul … hopeful … two roads… one road leads to destruction, the other leads to civilization… no need to explain … Ron Paul, Peace & Prosperity in our lifetime.

  7. Here's something about rents. Landlords are starting to use payment systems like Flex pay. Flex pays your rent for a fee and then you make weekly or bi-weekly payments avoiding late fees from the landlord. My property is starting this service because so many people can't afford their extremely high rent. But if you enact this payment system through Flex pay will you ever be able to keep up on your rent from month to month? As housing goes in the toilet I'm afraid rental prices will continue to go up

  8. the president has authority over federal loans, thats totally constitutional. i think there was a court decision about it. prove me wrong.
    the disinformation is strong in this pocast sometimes.

  9. We are facing inflation and raising prices at the same time. The Fed鈥檚 policies are going to push down inflation while making price increases worse. Increases in demand interest rates will push up rental prices, hurt people with credit card debt, businesses that do short term borrowing to pay for things and so on. The issue is supply chains that the Fed鈥檚 policies are going on make weaker and worse along with oil prices that higher costs of lending with suppress drilling. It鈥檚 funny to see the Fed have clearly no clue what they are doing or what damage they are going to inflict. #Depression2023

  10. I disagree with Peter, we don鈥檛 need to push up our interest rates to 8%+ to battle inflation. We are facing price increases caused by energy prices and supply chain issues along with inflation from Fed policies at the same time. The economy isn鈥檛 one ball that gets effected evenly by things. It鈥檚 a puzzle with a bunch of pieces that are interconnected. The Fed鈥檚 policies pumped money into the housing and asset parts of the puzzle while the supply chain problems pushed up prices in the grocery and merchandise part of the economy, energy prices pushing up prices in travel and manufacturing. You need to address all of these issues to fix the problem not just 1.

  11. It looks like the long awaited crash is finally upon us. I've been out since October last year and watch the fantasy DXY rise from 92 to 110 even though the dollar just seems to be worthless. Question is what to buy now? Where to park your liquidity? Stay in cash? Buy metals, farmland, timber? Wait for deals in real estate and buy them with cash?

  12. We鈥檙e all blessed to have Peter Schiff our American genius tell us how it is without all the bias and BS that CNBS and CNN feeds us. Thank you Peter!

  13. There was a time when we " made it here", we had jobs for everyone and the products were of high quality, then the 1% wanted everything. Now Inflation drives prices up and if Inflation is high and jobs disappear by the millions we are in a recession and maybe headed for a Depression鈥o be careful with your money. It may take decades to get back on pay again. Luck to all.. I've seen folks make huge 7figure profit in a crashing market and pull it off much easily in a bull market Unequivocally the crash/recession is getting somebody somewhere rich…


  15. Very well articulated; I wish I had more time for trial and error, but I'll be 56 in October and I need ideas and advice on what investments to make to set myself up for retirement, especially with the looming inflation and recession; my goal is to have a portfolio of at least $500k at the age of 60.

  16. Stagflation like this happens when governments play loose with the supply of their own energy. Economic stimulus combined with extreme shortages are a ridiculous recipe that leads to disasters like this.

  17. To anyone whose paying attention, its obvious , the entire world is coming off the rails. Soon we will be evicted and become street eligible. what moves can we make to generate more income during quantitative tightening because after working very hard my whole life i can鈥檛 watch the small amount of money I've saved turn into nothing, right in front of my eyes

  18. Peter is exposing the real truth in real inflation number in each sector and it鈥檚 cumulative effect of on people鈥檚 cost of living. The main media and macro world only focus on monthly YOY inflation number and wish Fed will pivot at the slightest reduction in that number, which is very short term. Peter鈥檚 prediction has been right.

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