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Written by Joel Jammal


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  1. I’m a former police officer and believe what Roland is doing is admirable but he really needs to identify the problem…the politicised culture and command structure. Ever wonder why police kneel at BLM protests, have a float at the MardiGras…yet mercilessly target ordinary people like tradies and small business people protesting or resisting bureaucratic orders? The police are the armed thugs of the Labor-Greens-LNP uniparty and will facilitate or quash whatever cause their masters determine. It’s more than just about healing between the police and the community. If allowed to continue, the police are the boot that Orwell described…endlessly stomping on your face.

  2. I don’t know if this is the same Roland Crystal I had dealings with in the early nineties when I was a child in the north shore in fact I’m pretty sure it is there would only be one Roland Chrystal I feel for him and his family and thanks Roland for taking the time to talk to Nicole

  3. Did they well I strongly disagree with Roland's opening statements being of Task Force raptor which essentially is one of Campbell Newman's attack dogs … buy & large all the tyranny being waged against the people is on the back of and stems from those exact overzealous ridiculous bikie laws … it didn't get like this overnight they'd been stripping away little by little all of which is well documented now as to how long all this has been in the making … surely they've also demonstrated just how closely all the government's of the world are working together on this !.

  4. In Australia, Freemasonry can be traced back to the First Fleets arrival in 1788, and the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales was officially formed in 1888, and later became responsible for Freemasonry in the
    Australian Capital Territory…
    The First Fleets of 11 ships, left Portsmouth in 1787 with more than
    1480 Men Woman and Children on board, which consisted of British, American, French and African Convicts, and after a Voyage of three months, the First Fleets arrived at Botany Bay on the 24th January 1788.
    Sir Edmond Barton (1849 – 1920) was an Australian Prime Minister initiated into Australian Lodge No:
    555 of Harmony
    The Australian Government is an Freemasonic Institution and it is this Subgroup of Masons within the Government pushing this 💉👈

    Enjoy your ignorance and cognitive dissonance…

  5. All opponents, including politicians, lawyers, judges, professionals, doctors, engineers, police, soldiers, and all types and classes of society, must demand the enactment of a new law immediately prohibiting compulsory vaccination, especially since they constitute the largest percentage in Australia.🤔

  6. I think after 18months and what is going on around tis world and esp Australia, EVERY cop should now know our rights and when they step over the line.
    Yes there may be many cops who dont want to do this, but there are also cops that love to overstep their rights and just use that force they love to use to intimate and then force people to do what the cop says, no matter what

  7. Joel. Why don't you interview Riccardo Bosi anymore? Do you no longer agree with his values? I would really appreciate an answer to this. Just very strange how you don't have anything to do with him anymore

  8. The worst thing that can happen in Australia is exactly this…good police resigning. This only leaves the rotten cops.
    I do not understand why good police can not arrest the corrupt politicians responsible for this genocide.

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