🔴Would You Give Up Your House for Freedom?

Talking about the events of the week, leading up to today.

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  1. watched on & off, but to answer yr ? Yes, I'd gladly give up my abode tho I dont own. Seems the US will soon be a buncha nomads. Not voting unless we get honest ppl running for office. Other than that, no way Thx Clyde!!

  2. hahaha just had a thought all of our government are or use to be in the entertainment industry ya you to christina so i guess this makes canada not canada but the cbc the after all the are given erroneous amounts of funding that would do better in our health care or to the veterans or the elderly or to i was going to say education but that has been replaced by the pedo groomers so no money to you

  3. "Would You Give Up Your House for Freedom? " Why ? Is that Trudeau's 'latest offer' to finally get his government the hell OFF of our backs ?!!! No, I wouldn't. Nor should I have to, EVER……How about he offer 'something' ? Like stepping down, permanently, from politics ?

  4. Industry keeps the temp warm enough so our weather we had in 1950 doesn't come back if it does everyone gets snowed in for days if the rain comes back you gave more land slides in BC wake up just stop burning wood plant more trees that will do great for the planet period grade 4 education taught me that wake up the audience to this they must have failed that history class

  5. Hey Clyde i know you have alot of contacts my father in law has been harmed do to you know what. I was wondering if you had any contacts or know the right direction to look to find good doctors in Ontario who are trying to understand the truth of whats happening. I know during freedom convoy the older gentleman with grey hair did a few speeches im trying to remember his name. If anyone thinks they can point me in the right direction in Ontario would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    Everything you've covered here Clyde, is a result of the globalist ideology. The three main doctrines of the globalists involve the Malthusian ideology of depopulation, the sustainability of the people who are allowed to live, and their governance by an unelected, one-world government, made up of oligarchs from our existing government officials and their crony corporate friends.

    Anything which does not contribute directly to these three main doctrines, is just a distraction so they can implement their ideology into legislation and law. If is a tactic of conquer and divide. They keep us fighting with one another so they can reach their goals in the background noise, while our society slowly collapses.

    Thanks Clyde.

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