🔵 Matthew Camenzuli blows the whistle on the Liberal Party Establishment 🔥

Link to full conversation 👇

#Sydney #DominicPerrottet

Written by Joel Jammal


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  1. The LNP in Australia have, rather cutishly it must be said tried to mimic their Canadian forbears under Justin Trudeau. Let that black pill sink in for a bit, Justin Trudeau is the dweeb our so-called "conservative" party gets it's cues from.

  2. Labor is no better. Labor and the Greens voted against Rennicks bill to change the FWA to make it illegal to discriminate on the ground of vaccine status. Bunch of pigs at the trough the lot of them with some minor exceptions.

  3. I hope 🙏 the freedom parties get in but it's guaranteed to be rigged to keep the ones they select in not elected by the people. It's all the same around the world as we all should see the pattern now.

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