🚨 Australia To LEAVE Commonwealth To Become WEF Puppet


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Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


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  1. congratulations Australia hope you become a republic I would love for the UK to be a republic to. Nicola Sturgeon is brilliant for I hope Scotland becomes a independent country why would they want to the rules by idiots like Boris Johnson

  2. Australia was mainly mainly people from this country years ago now it’s a mishmash of all kinds ergo they don’t like the queen and what she represents and apart from that it’s time the commonwealth was scrapped anyway as all the countries in the commonwealth want reparation from us

  3. The big advantage of having the Queen as head of state (with her limited powers) is that whilst she is the "Head of everything, nobody else can be". What would the Royal Haters prefer? A Chancellor, a President, a Dictator who all cost at least as much as Royalty without the Tourist Visitor Bonus. Imagine how corrupt any replacement would be from the word go.

  4. It's pretty clear anyone on the Left is part of a traitorous scheme to gain power at any cost … whilst not realising everyone hates them for the incompetence that brings.

  5. Australia left the Commonwealth in 1973. It was given independent nation state status in The Treaty of Versaille. It is irrelevant how many referendums we have had, we are already a republic with NO constitution or human rights. Our states and our Federal governments are all "de jure", operating from legislation and NOT Law. All of this is documented and proven, yet some dumb ass Aussies haven't got clue.

  6. But you're right, Mahyar. If a monarchy doesn't exist you have to recreate it. The French killed King Louis VI in 1793 and a few years later they crowned Napolean as Emperor. Quelle surprise.

  7. This is their tool to control CHINA with their resources, they hope. Its easy to control scum bag politicians with money put in to their offshore trust accounts.

  8. Poor Australia, they have a choice between a Conservative Party that acted like Nazis during Covid, a Green Party that wishes to destroy the country and a Labour Party that wanted to be even tougher on Covid Nazism. And I thought that we had it bad.

  9. This is tottally disrespectful towards the Queen to announce this on a very special day like today,2nd June.Labour are arrogant and only after your vote to make our lives a future misery.

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