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Written by Joel Jammal


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  1. No vaccines passport for me, health and medical is called “medical in confidence” for a bloody reason, there is no purpose to have green pass or a bs paperwork just to move around in my own country

  2. Nope, who has truly had the virus? What nation isolated virus enough to know what to test for that makes it so, that they must make us shut borders worldwide? Huh we didn’t even shut down Afghan we had DnV but our camp was restricted and that’s that, no other camp needed to shut the way we did and then we sprinted right through and reopened our camp, and here we are, covid a virus that already existed we shut the world down makes no sense

  3. I’m 37 and I’d make a much better president then anyone in this country, let alone the world. I’m confident enough to call out any public servant and look, am I scared…. Hell no, I’ll always be that asshole and call out all bs when I see bs, believe in me and I’ll believe in you

  4. It's quite clear we are heading for more restrictions, remember what Stuart Ayres said in the press release with Dom Perrottett "if you want your favourite shop to stay open" "Keep Jobs" etc you must get that Booster shot.

  5. Vote ONE NATION, UNITED AUSTRALIA PARTY, LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, Liberal, Labor and Greens are COMMUNIST parties!! Australia is now in a regime! Segregation, Propaganda, Fear Mongering, Lies, Genocide, Coercion…. Exactly Germany under Hitler!!

  6. Willing to bet that none of Dominic's family are vaccinated. Don't forget they are pushing it on other pregnant women and children 5 and over. Soon to be babies is also a safe bet.
    Betting that NONE of his family are vaccinated.

  7. Joel. You cannot vote your way out of tyranny. The only way to turf these bar stewards out is for the people to go to the state governor, in person, all together, in such large numbers she cannot ignore, and demand dissolution of this parliament and for her to issue the writs for a new election.

  8. We told you so Joel, don't trust none of these mob. You were anticipating the best when he first came I remember but he is just another puppet. Until bosi or another real person comes in, we are screwed.

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