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  1. So wouldn't politicians 'urging' censorship be a violation of the 1st amendment?

    I know it's not the government, itself, doing the censoring. But it sure does seem like a pretty backdoor-ish way to accomplish that exact thing.

  2. lol isn't capitalism wonderful XD where rich people can own your news, your politicians and even have a socialism for corporations country going on, they have "free"(5trillion) money, while the people got how much?

  3. No one should be surprised by this, BAD TIMES, AND BIG TROUBLE ARE COMING!!! Patriots can no longer be complacent or passive! The silent majority can no longer be silent!! REMEMBER THIS:

  4. Hey you tube where is officer Tatum. Did he expose you for the frauds you are. And the Chinese communist backers you really are instead of censoring me why don't you call me

  5. The VP of Dominion has gone missing, their offices in the US and Canada have been cleaned out. Staff have removed their details from Linkdin and get this they shared their office with the company that is run by George Soros. The VP has also been caught on hot mike saying 'Trump won't win, I will make sure of that' and he is a member of Antifa.
    The VP will obviously be found 'Epsteined' fairly soon I would imagine.

  6. THANKS for info, Mark!
    Wouldn't it be irrelevant placing Unconstitutional 'Rules' in One's 'Guidlines' to use as an excuse to block channels?
    After all, an Unconstitutional action, statement, rule, order, mandate is unconstitutional. ^
    YouTube has NO Standing. or how ever its worded
    ^ Just as all those Governors' Rules, orders, mandates – believing they are 'Laws' when they are not.
    WHAT is concidered a "pandemic" anyway?
    Numbers of 'Deaths' are Not those of 'virus', or there would be PROOF Showing the "massive" 'pileup' spoken about. ~ just saying

  7. Thanks giving origin is Christians thanking God and His only begotten Son Jesus Christ for the harvest…………….Black Friday is just a Black Sabbath appealing to the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. and downright covetousness.

  8. ….Who were the Senators who sent the letter to YouTube?……I mean…I can figure it out, but I'd like to see who signed the letter.

  9. when is someone going to call "joe biden" out for having various different photos in which he has two detached earlobes, two attached earlobes and one attached and one detached earlobe and other pics in which someone much younger is portraying him? WELL?? can't anybody use an image search?

  10. Follow this trend, a world wide Night of Broken Glass will sweep soon, conservative, religious, people with decency all alike will be locked up and re-educated under all kinds of artificial crimes.