Matthew Guy MP is the opposition leader in Victoria and the leader of the Victorian Liberal Party.


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Written by Joel Jammal


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  1. The Monetary System was Created by the Elite, to Enslave Humanity and take Ownership of the Land and Resources. But it has been crumbling for Decades now, and just needs a push from the People by Turning Our backs on it and live Naturally!!!

  2. Andrews is simply making the ground fertile for the ccp takeover.
    As he has been instructed to do.
    Make sure you keep your masks on , and qr check in as you have been instructed to do.
    It is a display of your submission, and pleases our new master's.

  3. Can someone please do a welfare check on the Governor of Victoria…..she's not been seen nor heard of this past 22 months. Her pay cheques are still being deposited and all phone calls go unanswered. If ever there was a time for a Governor to give something to us….maybe just a voice of reassurance?….then that time is now….otherwise, she is part of the problem.

  4. Andrews the commie! Why is this a surprise to any Victorian. Vic's have taken it up the rear like mongrel dogs for all this time and accepted the "zombie" creed without bitching! You get the leaders you deserve and vote in?

  5. I think we all know by now more lockdowns are coming, something is seriously wrong and unfortunately the sheep believe it's in our best interests 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  6. There is talk from those within the inner circle that Dan Andrews fall down stairs earlier this year was not an accident, but a severe warning to fall in line or else.
    He has turning in to a complete dick since his "fall".
    He has no choice but to do what he is doing as he has been threatened with something horrific if he doesn't "comply".

    This coming from someone who is the biggest straight shooter I have ever known.

  7. The whole story of Corona and its vaccine was nothing but a play to get rid of the largest number of humanity and replace them with robots. Because in their eyes, seeing people is uncomfortable to look at, and of course this is all thanks to their diabolical thoughts and stony hearts.🤔

  8. So after ringing the show, the guys answering the phones said they didn't want to talk to me I'm a right wing nutter, HMMMM so much for an open discussion but who gives the little turd the power to silence listeners a voice.

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