🚨 Pfizer Get PROTECTION From UK Legal Action 😡

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Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


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  1. NO COMPANY should be given legal protection – especially when peoples’ health and lives are at stake!!! This is totally corrupt. Surely a High Court could overturn this.

  2. This is just confirmation that the whole UK establishment is corrupt.The pfizer docs they tried to hide for many years clearly show fraud has been committed with the trial data supplied

  3. This is Hilarious! Its EXACTLY why I have refused ANY covid vaccine. Im sorry to you all, but WE KNEW about this indemnity, but no one cared. All the sheep just wanted a vaccine NOW! and this is what you get. Enjoy your side effects.

  4. W e knew this 2 years ago when Johnson gave them immunity for getting the vaccine out quickly. A vaccine we now know doesn't stop you getting the flu but needs renewing every year so Pfizer profits can continue to break records. And why they wanted their research date out of the public domain for 75 years

  5. Anyone else here see the YT video on the military (I think it was) forecast for country's populations for (again I think it was 2025)? USA figure went from (sorry I'm a little rusty on it) 360 something million to around 120 ish million. UK from approx 66 or 67 million to 20 something million, 2020 to I think 2025. Of course, it was presented by "A CONSPIRACY THEORIST" and the internet forecast has since disappeared, but it was more than enough to make me suspicious that genocide is the goal.

    Since then I have decided (via another "Conspiracy Theorist") that Ukraine is orchestrated as both Putin and Zelensky have been through the WEF young leaders program. Therefore the Ukraine thing would be the perfect excuse for the so called energy crisis and at least a part excuse for the coming food crisis as currently farmers in the Netherlands are persecuted, no doubt coming to farmers in other countries soon.
    I see leaders of many countries including, but not limited to Canada, New Zealand and Australia abusing the people of their countries like Chinese dictators whilst Klaus Schwalb and his cronies pull their strings.

    I see uncontrolled immigration (UK, USA). I see Ukrainians uprooted and crammed into Ireland where there is already a housing problem. Here in the UK I see illegal immigrants given so much at the taxpayers expense whilst our veterans, some with PTSD live on our streets. Why is it so many houses are being built, covering our beautiful country when as I understand it our indigenous population is shrinking?

    I see inflation and energy prices spiralling out of control, small businesses forced into closing whilst big corporations make record profits.
    I believe for many this winter there will not even be the choice of heat or eat as they will not be able to afford to do either and will lose everything, quite possibly including their lives.

    I see smartphone slaves, moving around in complete ignorance of their surroundings, interacting with no one. No chains needed, just a six inch or so screen that they hunch over with thumbs tapping and "Can't do without" like it would be the end of their lives (they don't see the cage).

    As a result of this I will not be surprised to see the Government step in to help with a Universal Basic Income (probably paid with digital currency into a digital account on smartphones and only to be spent on items they permit).

    I see GP's who refuse to see patients.

    I see the NHS complaining that they don't have the resources as they spend a fortune on "Diversity Managers".

    I see all this yet I'm surrounded by multitudes who either cannot see or refuse to see.

    The future is bleak.

  6. when i had the second dose of Pfizer. i suffered with nose bleeds which lasted for 30-40 mins for 3 months when to see doctor about it he said it was not caused by Pfizer give me antibotics but i know it was, complete cover up

  7. This isn't new Mahyar. This was in the know before the first jab. It's only coming to light now because several people are having severe side effects from the jib jabs.
    Us with our heads screwed on in 2020 were called conspiracy theorists, nutters and tin foil hat people. We don't look so stupid now do we?

  8. This is not news. Immunity from legal action is part of the emergency use authorisation agreements and is in the contracts with big pharma.
    Start watching UK Column news , they’ve been discussing this for months . 🙄

  9. If immunity is given under fraudulent information it should make immunity null and void(1200 people died in the early trials) not to mention the phase 4 animal trials EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL DIED.. so they moved on to humans🤫This is a quiet war upon the population and it's a culling🤫

  10. Pfizer would not sell a country their vaccine unless they had indemnity from the government for any adverse effects. The relative government's where responsible for compensation & all contracts where to be kept secret.

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