🤥 Biden’s Pathetic Trip to Europe

A literal embarrassment.

#Biden #NATO #Memes

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  1. I'm pity that these civilians of Ukraine suffer from the games of the patriots of Kyiv in the war game.

    Biden and his administration send weapons to the Ukrainian Nazis, who shoot civilians, blaming Russia for it.

    This is making money on the genocide of the population, and Biden himself and the Democrats are making money on this.

    It has been noticed that when someone shouts "Glory to Ukraine", he reaches into someone else's pocket.

  2. Trash rehashed content from a piece of trash spammer. Hmmm… it’s almost as if wasting his days and everyone else’s time posting the same worthless garbage to other comment sections would be better spent creating content actually worth watching? As if anyone needs this moron to knock the left.

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