🤬 Did Amber Heard Steal From Rihanna TOO?

Amber Heard has done some very shady things, but did amber steal from Rihanna and her own story? you be the judge

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Written by SEC


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  1. AH is low in many ways. also heard she's putting up a go fund me page.🤯😤. Please she don't deserve to do so. Abusing the DV & SD victims. & now this?. Lot more disadvantage people out there that deserve a fund me page. Not her.

  2. I don't have the skills but would love to see a comparison list of her claims and corresponding dialogue/plots of TV, Movies & interviews like this one or other people's statements she has stolen.

    just to see it all laid out side by side; I believe it would be shocking!

  3. I love you Les @SEC you and your spidey senses!! I think you could be on to something there, she has stolen other peoples stories and made them her own so why not this one ? 💜🦋

  4. She did her story and 2 others women that is known
    Her former assistant and one that came in the news media right before the trial ended about the women and putting her baby in the microwave

  5. Amber could never repeat any of the stories she told, because she couldn’t remember the old ones she told. So if she did get a retrial she would be up a shit creek worse because all her old and new stories would change.

  6. That gives me chills because she is using a real DV surviver story and that is low of the low Amber has no shame but she should be ashamed she is never gonna stop is she guys

  7. Thanks Les !! Always finding out things no one else knows & a thief Amber has been in every way since youth so her going from stealing personas to stories so blatantly thinking 1/everyone believes her and 2/ no one would find out is of NO Surprise !!

  8. AH should have 3/4 of Hollywood irate is she's running around with their personal stories as her own. AH's really needs help, intense & now! Thank you Les. ❤

  9. Just love how you pick apart her stories, bur it is absolutely vile the lengths she will go to to try and make people believe her bull 💩.

  10. Bless Rihanna for what she ACTUALLY went through… bless her.. and BAD WORDS to the Turd for what she did just then!!! Great catch Les!! Fantastic comparison! Ugh.. cursey words Amber!!!

  11. I commented on yesterday's video about the new petition and my comment has been removed. Please can someone tell me why. This happened on cgs during the trial also, my comment was in line with everyone else yet I keep getting deleted.

  12. If she does take this again to Court well l feel she just will this nightmarish woman. Like Nightmare on Elm Street 😆 Or Friday 13 haha JOHNNY was in one of them.

  13. It was interesting to see how believable Ri-ri was too! As soon as you said her name I remembered the picture of her injuries, AH wasn't anything like that!

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