1.8 Million Jobs Restored in July: Analysis

Good but, as predicted, not as good as in May:


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  1. The Left: Throttles the economy; it’s Trump’s fault.
    The Left: Economy does well; it’s Obama’s doing.

    Trump was the answer to the shit show that is Obama. Dude sold us put to China and the Middle East while still getting our guys killed and drone striking children.

  2. unemployment when Trump took over was at about 5%, you liar, not "7-8". Well, official unemplyoment, anyway, which is lower than actual unemployment because it disregards many people

  3. Lets just end all the debating n talking enough tolerance, we the people need to eradicate the left. What we just sit n let them destroy everything, our family our history hell reality? Where's the fucking line? I demand to know how much more are we expected to take before we stack the left like wood and throw them all including thier ideaology in a incinerator? Like having a disease n refusing the cure because you've been brainwashed that the cure is barbaric.

  4. It’s amazing to me how I can go across the border from PA to OH and it’s like a different world. PA is locked down, businesses closing, generally depressing. OH is fairly open.

    There’s a for sale sign in front of my house and I’m accepting an offer this week. Fuck this blue state bullshit

  5. declaring State of Emergency gives dictator-like unlimited Exec Powers to governors. READ IT. whatever state you are in. It will include suspension of all rights, seizure of property. forced compliance. They were written to cover military invasion, class 5 hurricanes. etc. now they give that power to un-elected lab coat wearing marxist to treat the flu. Blue staters – contact your congressperson and get it amended to add a means test. red staters, pack up and move. totalitarians never relinquish power peacefully.

  6. new jobs – people working again. its a lie. all these lazy mother frackers are not working. they are making 1000 a week tax free to sit on their asses and play video games. the rest are frantically setting up dbas to sell lipstick online. you aint ever gonna get these retards to work again. so 75mill of us are supporting the other 250 mill until there are beer and drug shortages and they all die from dts. its the democratic freedom to be a useless sack of shit.

  7. There are some other programs in play that will run out. Airlines got money to stay open until October 1st. United Airlines sent out notices to 36,000 employees, American 25,000, Delta 17,000. Add to that thousands more in regional service and the number could be as high as 100,000 people on the street on October 1st.

    I don't think the unemployment numbers are telling the complete story of what is happening.