1 eternity to flatten the curve

we present our spooky halloween lockdown special: the mask of amontillado!

Written by FreedomToons


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  1. To be fair, we'd be out of this if it wasn't for a bunch of anti-science idiots who'd rather believe their uncle's FB posts than science. 5G magnetic vaccination with nanobots, sure Uncle Tommy…sure.

  2. What pisses me off most is how they took advantage of the usual good nature of people (think of the vulnerable!) to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. Fucking demons.

  3. im of the mindset that if people had listened the first time instead of booking cheap flights and partying in florida thus making it spread faster the shit would have blown over quickly. but im also of the mindset that this is getting ridiculous

  4. Goverman's voice sounds a bit like Perfect Cell, a monster crafted by evil scientists that sucked the life out of major cities. During all this, he picked a fight with a simple-minded martial artist/farmer, his nuclear family, and his equally self reliant friends. Then upon losing to the next generation who was instilled with the strength and values of his father and crossed dozens of state lines to beat him, Cell ragequit and tried to destroy everything.


  5. I think the government is trying to come up with excuses to keep covid alive. The disease isn't that serious, it's just the government trying to keep it serious so they could put fear in the population, and a population with fear is easier to control.

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