1 In 3 Americans Support War Despite NUCLEAR RISK. Ukraine Begs For NO-FLY ZONE, Biden Declines

Ryan Grim, Kim Iversen, and Robby Soave react to President Biden’s approval of an additional $800 million in aid for Ukraine.

President Biden image courtesy of AP Photo/Patrick Semansky. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy image courtesy of Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP

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  1. The problem with a peace settlement is that Putin is deeply distrustful of anything the West puts forward. That is hardly surprising given the West lied to him about NATO expansion east.
    I suspect the 1/3 of Americans that support war wit Russia are the same deluded souls that bought the media lies on Covid hook line and sinker!
    Anyone in favor of expanding a conflict that could lead to nuclear war is certifiably insane.

  2. Are those people white? Because clearly it’s in Europe it is a white peoples war, we don’t need another world war from Europe by white people again! So Asian African Latin American we need stay a way from Europe, let white people fight for their fight.

  3. It's pretty offensive to say that Ukraine's democratic government is ineffectual and corrupt and therefore is no better than being a mere quisling to Russia. They still deserve a chance. Ukranians have a strong sense of national identity or they would not be fighting tooth and nail to defend their sovereignty. Putin wants to turn Ukraine into Belarus, and Ukranians want nothing to do with that.

  4. Without a doubt Russia is going to occupy Ukraine. Unless Zelensky leaves the country he will be killed along with his closest advisors. No other country will attempt to intervene other than by providing supplies and weapons, and this knowing full well that it will not be enough to stop the invasion. Putin will not stop even if he is given guaranties that Ukraine will not join NATO. A Ukrainian resistance will continue for years into the occupation. Ukrainians and Russians will forever become bitter enemies. The rest of the world will stand by and watch to see what Putin's next move will be once he has consolidated his power over Ukraine and reconstituted his armed forces. The only reason no other country is willing to join forces with Ukraine, is their fear of an escalation into world war III, which will eventually happen if Putin is not stopped.

  5. Kim has Zelenskyy's power pegged! He is a powerful Hero, not a powerful leader. Zelenskyy's pleas to individual Nations for intervention were masterfully crafted and delivered. He should be applauded for maximizing the urgency for response, as well he should, but I hope the compassion factor that motivates the American people's reaction doesn't cloud our leader's judgement to keep us from a nuclear, short and decisive WWIII.

  6. I'm wondering… Are You aware that Ukraine is no more there ?

    There is no chance that Ukraine survive this. It will break on at least 5 new countries and that You can take to the Bank

  7. Kim I have subscribed to you and have notifications on and you are the only channel that I'm subscribed and notifications on that I don't EVER EVER EVER get any notifications. I have to search every time I want to see you. This is unfair and not ok with me.

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