1 in 5,000 Vaccinations Suffered Adverse Event – Says Study

Popular British YouTuber and former nurse trainer Dr. John Campbell recently discussed a German study revealing that as many as 1 in 5,000 Germans suffered adverse reactions after being given the COVID vaccine. Whether these individuals experienced such reactions BECAUSE of the vaccine or merely afterwards is not clear, although the percentage could actually be higher as a result of underreporting. Either way, Campbell says, the cost-benefit analysis of COVID vaccines should be reevaluated in light of these findings along with the reduced severity of subsequent strains.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger, along with physician Dr. Ram Yogendra, discuss the study and its implications.

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  1. So the Republicans wing nuts Threaten CIVIL WAR Over FBI Raid Over Trump's Mar-a-lago Home, these people are cult like radicals who believe the law don't apply to them or who they follow and the right refuse to talk about or address these rightwing nuts, The right prefer to normalise these people.

  2. I know 3 people close to me that took it and died the same way. They were fine and then they suddenly had Alzheimer's so bad, they didn't recognize family or were able to feed or take care of themselves. The hospitals said they couldn't do anything for them, so they all went to hospice and were dead inside of a week.
    In my opinion, this was the desired results from the self-styled elite psychopaths.

  3. My Doctor tried to shame me into taking the vaccine and actually pretended he was mad when I didn’t take it. Never once mentioned any side effects or risk or asked me anything about how my family would survive if I was seriously injured from the vac. He just insisted I take it because basically it would make HIM feel better.

  4. I had Covid vv bad in Feb 2021 in a coma for 3 weeks no joke. Got home and was railroaded into having injection number one. I had very little side-effects from that. There in mind that I am still recovering from this massive life changing experience in intensive care for two months. I was very reluctant to get the second jab, but again felt like I needed to do my duty! And I had it.I completely regret that decision because the symptomsOf Covid came back like I can’t imagine I was in bed for three months and could really move it was a horrendous experience I wished I’d never had it. This number that you were discussing is the tip of the iceberg. Thank God for Jimmy! We love you very much.

  5. When they want to force, or at least coerce, you to get an experimental vaccine which has very little efficacy along with hidden serious side effects, you know agenda 2030 is being orchestrated on us. How do you like the new world order now! We better get organized while it's still possible. Talk to unions, churches, truly progressive groups, etc. about how we're going to end this rule by wealth system.

  6. I've been taking LOTS of vitamin D3 from the beginning, and I'm the only one around me who hasn't gotten it. I could be wrong, of course, but I can't help but think that was the factor. 🙂

  7. The real number of adverse effects is much much higher. You have to account for human factors such as pride. For starters, going on only anecdotal evidence around me, I know of dozens of cases and/or suspected cases. Strange sudden deaths etc. Secondly, I know of many female friends who had disruption of menstrual cycles, who probably wouldn't have been telling many people, due to the fact that deep down nobody wants to admit they've been fooled. Everyone joined the bandwagon and very few will admit to side effects after pressuring friends into getting vaxxed with endless 'trust the science' virtue signalling.

  8. I don't know how they Define adverse effects, but I'd say 9 out of 10 people I talk to admitted to feeling awful for days after getting the actual shot. The vast majority of any injuries go unreported. Which isn't surprising as there's no liability so why take it seriously

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