100,000 protest in Melbourne Australia

100,000 protest in Melbourne Australia

These are not anti-vaxxers or far-right extremists…they are everyday Aussies who want their God-given rights BACK!

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  1. you need to organize yourselves with ways to communicate to come together on the street if there is another lockdown, fortunately, I flew out last year

  2. This scamdemic has put a fire in the hearts of those willing to stand for freedom. I'm proud to call these people my brothers and sisters. Dan Andrews has to go. No compromise.

  3. Good on you all Aussies demanding your God-given freedoms back. Back from one Marxist tyrant! Andrews needs charging with crimes against humanity.

  4. God bless the people of Australia, their united stand against dictatorship is inspiring to all of humanity. God bless their noble efforts to take back their country from the psychopathic tyrants that are attempting to enslave them.

  5. Not to mention, the jab does not stop the spread, has unknown risk profile, and there are other cheaper, more effective solutions out there. So why mandate it? The only thing that adds up is a communist style power grab. Fight hard Victoria!! Your entire future is on the line.

  6. A thought. If a democratic leader does his will not the will of the majority of people and he is voted out we could also vote as to whether that person is entitled to the government pension. It would appear that our leaders don’t care if they get re-elected as they will get a healthy pension for life and not have to do anything.

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