1,000,000 REPUBLICANS: AP’s voter data reveals shocking truth, Democrats nervous

On Monday’s “National Report,” New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew reacted to reports that more than 1 million voters across 43 states have switched to the Republican Party over the last year, according to voter registration data analyzed by The Associated Press.

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Written by Newsmax TV


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  1. Last year and a half? These actions of holding power over us started the day Trump announced his run. Save the babies and send the rapists and murderers to God.

  2. When trump comes back , I hope he passes new laws to deal with main street media by shutting them down or all the ones that pushed Russia hoax for three years daily are charged for treason against America, and arrest clinton who paid and started the bs , goodbye demoncrates.

  3. Republican's must actually do real things as soon as they can.
    They need to create Laws and regulations that keep America's law and order and development #1 on their moves.
    Make real changes that allow people to see Democrats have to never get control again.

  4. This illegitimate Democrat administration does not represent good Americans. It is so out of touch with the great great majority of Americans. They offer empty slogans and hollow sound bites. The people need to take the lead. There are almost no leaders among the politicians. Our politicians are seduced by money, power, and perks, and most abandon their principles. The people must come together in the spirit of brotherhood, compassion, understanding, forgiveness, and acceptance, and then tackle and resolve all the issues that the politicians refuse to.

  5. yeah, but that automatically gets cancelled out by the millions of illegals immigrants and still counting that crossed over that will be voting for Democrats in 2024! so not really much of a story!

  6. The reason the dems took over is because we ( me and you) never thought such a propaganda communist type takeover could happen in america.. and it did. Pelosi. SCHUMAR and that crowd have evil written in their faces. When
    Your dem friends and neighbors understand this… they will WAKE UP

  7. I see a bunch of student protesters who are being programmed by their liberal teachers/professors when they know very little subject matter in the broad sense. Time to raise the voting age to 21.

  8. Newsmax should cover 2000 Mules because if we have ANOTHER stolen election after the reign of this disastrous administration then people will need to know how it happened to us again!

  9. just don't understand why Joe Biden is allowed to destroy our country this is exactly what Biden is doing Biden needs to be removed they stole the Whitehouse Biden should be removed just for that

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