10K New Pfizer Docs Reveals FDA Knew Natural Immunity Works, Vaccine Fertility Effects UNKNOWN

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  1. So… Anyone else remember a several years ago when Pfizer was the least trusted corporation in the world?
    Of course, that was before the government, Big Tech and the Corporate Media made it forbidden to criticize them.
    I'm thinking that by the end of the year, when all documentation has been released, Pfizer will make the fall from most trusted back to least. They will be dragging the FDA along with them on the ride.
    Thank God for the Justice that mandated the release of these documents this year, instead of after everyone that can now read are all dead of old age.

  2. Burgers lying hypocrite like I said if you hear him in the nose when he puts that finger up he killed millions of people all these damn Democrats are above the law especially this two-faced creep I hope he gets his one day the good Lord will make sure of it he will burn in hell

  3. QQQQ, natural immunity protection is equally effective at preventing infection, as the vaccine, but effective as the vaccine at what point??? I already know the maximum possible protection occurs 4 weeks after initial series and 4 weeks after each booster🙄 in people over 50 ???
    I believe natural immunity last MUCH, MUCH Longer!

  4. Roman,,, !!! Superb Information..!! You are the best of the best!!! Gotta Love Facts Matter , !!!!!!! Thank you for your incredible journalism!!!!! We appreciate it!!!!!!

  5. Every one knew the mark of the beast was coming, and Revelations said it was going to be a great deception.

    And they knew there was going to be false alarms. The false alarm is the SECOND lesson derived from THE BOY THAT CRIED WOLF! (which is how to make people stop listening to a alarm, just make a lot of FALSE alarms).

    Everyone knew there was going to be pressure to take a pharmacy that to save their lives (Revelations) that goes.

    Everyone knew there was going to be pressure to take a pharmacy to SAVE THEIR LIVE, that goes into like a scorpions tail delivers poison (inside you).

    Everyone knew you was going to need this in order to BUY AND SELL IN THE MARKET (BUY means buying goods and services, SELLING means being a WORKER in the market) also everyone knew this was going to be cut SHORT. Revelations 13:17-18.

    Everyone knew it was going to be on a COMPLETE world wide scale ( more so than the Spanish influenza ).

    Everyone knew the name of it was going to be a CROWN (which Corona is, and means CROWN).

    Every one knew the name of it was going to add up to 666 (corona is Six letters long, and the individual letters add up to 666 see below).

    Everyone knew it was going to set people including family members against one another.

    Everyone knew it was going to keep people from traveling from place to place.

    Everyone knew that SATAN was going to try to ENTER the bodies of people Thus-Entering the temple-. There are 14 things that was fulfilled with corona.

    1st Cor 6:19 "do you not know that YOUR BODIES are TEMPLES of the holy spirit?. No human has the right to invade another humans Temple. God said he will

    no longer dwell in temples made by hand, but instead in man's body and this is a invasion with a knew kind of vaccine with mRNA and LUCIFER -ase. We are suppose to keep our bodies CLEAN!! There are 14 Things being fulfilled concerning THE MARK OF THE BEAST ! Proof.

    REVELATIONS 13:17 "no man will be able to BUY OR SELL IN THE MARKET

    without the MARK".

    (TRUST THE SCIENCE means trust Fauci NOT GOD!!!

    This is the MARK OF THE BEAST!

    WORLDWIDE Great deception that God said Satan will do in REVELATIONS.

    Japan's HEALTH MISTER suspends VACCINE after finding METAL that reacts to MAGNETS

    Video of man digging Mark of beast CHIP out of arm, after finding

    exact location with MAGNET. Only 9 minutes long or you can skip to the 4-5 minute mark

    Only time THESE Bible Prophecies/scriptures that have been fulfilled

    relating to the CROWN(CORONA) WORLDWIDE the key is WORLDWIDE:

    1. When has Churches been shutdown WORLD-WIDE EVER!? 2020

    (because of CORONA reaction). From REVELATIONS

    2. When have people WORLDWIDE seeked to save their lives from ONE

    THING? NEVER except 2020 (because of CORONA reaction).

    THEY WILL SEEK TO SAVE THEIR LIVES BUT WILL lose the souls instead

    3. When have people not gotten up out of their place (international travel) WORLD-WIDE-

    NEVER except 2020 (because of CORONA reaction).

    4. When have people gotten a Pharmacy to save their lives WORLD-WIDE

    that goes in you like a scorpions tail? NEVER except 2020

    (because of CORONA reaction).

    Symptoms of a scorpions sting include:Unusual head, neck and eye movements

    THESE HAVE NOTHING TO DO with where it stung you in your lower leg.

    5. When have people been set AGAINST their own family for NOT taking something WORLD-


    (for NOT taking a Pharmacy called Sorcery in the bible)

    Revelations 18:23

    NEVER except 2020 (because of CORA reaction).

    Did you know that Sorcery has two major meanings:

    1,The one the movies talks about with the mysterious magic,

    with face masks.

    2,The next one is Sorcery (looked up the word in strong's

    dictionary to connect

    past to current words) Sorcery in that cast means

    Pharmakeia Which means

    pharmacy.! Like a

    scorpions tail.

    The tail is from the scorpion is thick at first, but

    goes out and gets very thin like a needle.

    6. When have they required you to take ANYTHING WORLD-WIDE to

    buy and sell in the market? Read Revelations 13:17 NEVER except

    starting 2020. When has any of the past diseases added to 666

    (because of CORONA reaction). Where the mark goes into you

    does NOT have to be where is shows it's mark.

    7A. When has having FAITH in Christ's promise of the signs of him

    coming back been MOCKED/Scoffed 666/CROWN (Corona means CROWN)

    at WORLD-WIDE? NEVER except 2020 (because of CORONA reaction).

    7B. When else have people been mocked for professing about the mark of

    the beast WORLDWIDE. Been SHAMED to talk about him (Christ?)


    Term that Satans world has used to SHAME people into not

    talking about him.

    If your ashamed of Jesus in front of Man, Christ may be ashamed

    of YOU in front Of his father.

    8. When has all Governments WORLD-WIDE been conquered by one

    CROWN (Corona means CROWN) NEVER except 2020 (because of CORONA


    9. When has wheat spiked in price WORLD-WIDE NEVER except 2020

    (because of CORONA reaction).

    10. When has a WORD that MEANS CROWN added up to 666 NEVER! Only

    CORONA does.

    11. When has the WHOLE-WORLD had RIOTS in the same year? NEVER

    except 2020.

    12. When has the scripture about the WHOLE-WORLD been so afraid that

    it was put on their mind like a TONGUE STRIKING at your

    forehead? NEVER except 2020 (because of CORONA reaction).

    13. "And don't breath the air" WORLDWIDE (face masks, your breathing

    your own carbon dioxide waste when you where a mask all day).

    We learned that Humans breath air and plants breath our carbon

    NOT US in 3rd Grade. We've always breath air except starting

    in 2020 (because of CORONA reaction).


    When Satan looked at the bible especially the WHOLE book of

    REVELATIONS he had to realized it was all a (true) conspiracy! So Satan

    used the last 49 years making sure we watched news/movies/tv series

    that thought people to HATE conspiracy theories. Because he Knew

    that when he did his Great WORLDWIDE DECEPTION all he had to do is

    say: "CONSPIRACY THEORY"! And anyone without STRONG faith can be

    deceived, even those with some faith. It depends on do they have

    MORE faith in the Governments(men, "puppet Scientist").

    when they claim "science", instead of God,

    adding the hate of "conspiracy theories".

    NOTE 1A: An early warning cartoon (from Decades ago)

    NOTE 2: How can you take the MARK OF THE BEAST and worship the Anti Christ if the

    Mark of the beast Kills you quickly!? You can't this should show you

    That God is telling you the Mark of the beast is not good to kill you

    right away. Just like partaking of the fruit did not kill Eve right

    away, in fact she showed herself to Adam, to get him to take it.

    NOTE 3:

    CORONA means CROWN, CORONA added up like Revelations tells us to

    calculate the number 666 In the WORD CORONA

    There are 6 letters, and the individual letters add up to 66 so

    hence 6 and 66. In this math the first number is the total

    number of letters.


    A is 1st letter of the alphabet, and C is the 3rd letter of the alpha bet, so:







    sub total 66

    total (total number of letters is the first 6)



    The Nuremberg Code Which was made legal WORLD WIDE to stop the Nazi's from doing this again.

    Right the largest group as far as percentage that are NOT taking the vaccine are people with a PHD education!

    Nazi German Nuremberg Code trails decision from FORCING Drugs on other people.

    The Nuremberg Code

    At this point PRIDE is keeping people from admitting IT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Then repenting.

    And NOT REPENTING is What Revelations say will be the reason they are PUNISHED like the Demons.

    If the vaxxers are right then 0.01 % of Republicans die off. If the ANTI-vaxxers are right then 99% of the

    Democrats Die off.

    (The Highest level of education) had the BIGGEST PERCENTAGE of UN vaccinated (NOT VACCINATED)."TRUST the science" means TRUST MAN that is saying that to you NOT God.

    That is why the Nuremberg Code made so many laws about not being pressured into taking MEDICAL EXPERIMENTAL Drugs. Point…: Israel study NATURAL Immunity 27 TIMES BETTER! That's %2,700 Percent more than

    the VACCINES! Shown in this 2 minute 17 second video: Point…:

    The more your vaccinated the faster the omnicron spreads in you.

    Check out the education level of those that are not taking the vaccine: According to a 5 MILLION study people with A PHD.


  6. The media needs to be sued for malfeasance. Maybe if they lost a few billion here and there it would cut into what soros pays them 🤔🇺🇸

  7. The LYING LEFTYS said, "listen to the science" when they ridiculed the right for objecting to the "vaccine", but the left IGNORED the science of NATURAL IMMUNITY.
    And speaking of natural immunity, PFIZER DIDN'T IMMUNIZE AMERICA FROM COVID, OMICRON DID

  8. All of this seemed illegal long time ago!
    And almost every day it's becoming criminally clearer! My question is, what is stopping the authorities from actually doing something about it?

  9. Best get this information out there before the government's of the world bring out censorship bills like Canada.
    Even Instagram is stopping certain hashtags which don't follow governments covid false information

  10. So, Roman, what you reveal is: The vaxxine taken by all indoctrinated and NOT all free thinking conservative minds will eventually result in >>>>> ?? A free thinking healthy society? Wow – evil plan backfire… God has it all worked out… natural

  11. And yet California is requiring we gets our kids vaccinated to go to school in the fall. I have one kid to b a senior that has a heart condition and I can’t get him medically exempt .. and he already had Covid just recently without problems. Now what!!!! Lord please stop this madness!

  12. It’s a shame … to use people like Guinea pigs.. big money grab… lock downs … oil companies lost 😡.. big money involved.. so as you see .. oil companies making “What “ big money 💰💰 well its oil companies getting richer now … then Pharmaceutical industries made billions off Lockdowns oil companies lost billions.. Now it’s their turn.. our government Is corrupt now they given cell phones to illegals crossing the border

  13. Fauci is guilty of lying to President Trump and the American people. Fauci participated in a cover up of the wuhaun virus because he helped finance the Wuhaun Lab in China starting with the Obama administration. The Great Barrington Declaration signed by over 10,000 qualified medical experts and released in October of 2020 was attacked and ridiculed by the CDC, FDA, Fauci along with the main stream press. That man as well as many others should be tried for treason against the American people.

  14. The CDC, The FDA, Pfizer, Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, all the corrupt elites involved in these crimes against humans need to be sued. They lied to the entire world. All the corrupt governments that enforced a medical tyranny not based on science and on moral need to be sued as well.

  15. Sweden solve everything by opening a brand new covid-vaccin-factory yesterday. Yey
    They are not stopping
    They are changing laws as for example the term genocide (folkmord) – has been taken away from the Swedish book of laws.
    Think about it …..

  16. The new covid ad in Australia is creeping me out.
    They say, after 2 years we could all do with a boost. But they mean booster!
    The part when they say " a boost to our happiness" irritated me.
    So a booster will boost our happiness? Seriously, the Australian government is deranged.

  17. 👍Thank you Roman Balmakov and everybody at FACTS MATTER for your due diligence in reporting the facts to us, also thanks to all the financial contributors & sponsors for all their support. 👍♥️

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