10K Pages of Pfizer Docs Reveal 158K Adverse Events, 42K Case Reports, 1.2K Deaths in First 3 Months

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  1. I would find it highly likely, these numbers are spiked higher and lower in these Liars favor just like the death toll guesses and the Lying about hospitalization and death causes etc!

  2. so 13%, and its widely known that the vaers is only about 1% , alot of the people who understand the vaers sometimes automatically times that number by 5 , so in that case it would be more like 65%

  3. RUSSIA 🇷🇺 has just discovered Bio weapon Pathegons in Ukraine 🇺🇦 funded by the DOD and the CIA that will wipe out 70% of the earth's population. ☣ So who is the villain here 🤔 Write ✍ what you discover not think about ☣

  4. What agreements does US have to defend Taiwan? Obama stopped weapons shipments to Ukraine but Trump allowed it… SWIFT will prevent Russia using USD and will accelerate transition away

  5. Would the side effects occur if the person was not administered the vaccine? Then the conditions experienced which were deemed "associated" with the vaccine, where in fact caused by the vaccine. That seems to be a given…absent of the vaccine ingredients in the body then the side effect do not occur, they are called side effect for a reason.

  6. These covid-jabs do not meet the standard medical definition of what a vaccine is.
    They AREN'T vaccines!!!
    The definition was altered to suit the current agenda.
    They are designed to weaken the immune system, allowing for the proliferation of all sorts of diseases over time.

  7. Having read the «post-marketing experiences» document, I'm disappointed with the way Roman reports on the document here. Not only should we question the VAERS registration system, but also note that many countries do not have the equivalent of the VAERS system. Therefore, you should have compared serious adverse event reports from the USA with the total number of vaccines administered in the USA, in addition to the comparison of global figures. Secondly, you should have reported on the very high number of unknown outcome cases and cases unresolved by the time of reporting, not just the number of fatalities, and pointed to the need for Pfizer to take responsibility for checking the actual outcomes. Thirdly, you should have discussed the ethical aspect of Pfizer admitting in the document that anaphylactic reactions is a safety concern, while marking the document as confidential. Fourthly, you should have questioned the need to redact the number of new case workers onboarded by Pfizer to process adverse event cases. Finally, you should have mentioned that a 90-day period from the beginning of vaccine administration is too short to capture most fatal outcomes, especially those following the second dose.

  8. Sorry my children shouldn't have to pay with thier lives over and over fighting in these wars for greed and selfishness. Sorry my brothers did in Vietnam and are living with the fall out daily. You all rich whites go fight yourselves we are 😫 tired

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