11 reasons an annual COVID-19 booster is NOT LIKE an annual flu shot

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  1. in response to number 6, i know exactly what he's saying. i haven't been able to see certain members of my family for 3 years now, all because i won't take the vaccine, they don't even allow me to come into their home, let alone go meet me outside. i'm pretty sure i have more antibodies than those triple boosted anyway 🙁

  2. fyi im not wearing facemask since 2020 n 2-3times rt pcr test everyweek how come im not been positive even once until now. 1 rt pcr per week n 2022 september start. conclusion is vax make positive result d r the one who made pandemic..

  3. Another poisen shot.
    My brother in law said ,when he was in the army, he (and the whole troop)was required every year to take a flu shot. He told me they were sick after the flu shots for weeks. .

  4. One thing I thank ςονιδ for is causing me to look far more closely at the connections between Big Pharma, MSM, the FDA, and the Political sphere,
    and realise that the corruption runs deep AND has done so for a long time.

    All about the $$$$$$$$$$

  5. pity we weren't dr doolittle … as we could then ask the mice!
    …. who supplies the test data / results recommendations from any of these trials? (i certainly hope it would not be those companies engaged in said treatments)


    1.) Viruses do not harm or kill us.

    2.) Over reaction from weakened and dysfunctional immune system results in our own body attacking its own cells, tissues and organs,resulting in harm and death.

    3.) Such a dysfunctional immune response is the result of an underlying pre existing condition.

    4.) Underlying pre exisiting conditions include:


    Heart Disease





    1.) Chiropractic adjustments (gentle and specific). …

    2.) Fix your gut. …

    3.) Manage inflammation. …

    4.) Add adequate vitamin D, vitamin C & zinc – double or triple the amount of each you take daily. ..Fresh fruit and vegetables.

    5.) 30-60 minutes of extra sleep per night. …

    6.) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. …

    7.) Move your body.

    8,) Maintain your social contacts.

  7. No one has given us an update (that I know) on the the information that the FDA based their decision on the COVID vaccine. Please give the world an update unless they have quit publishing those 10,000 pages monthly.

  8. I really don't care how similar it is to the annual flu shot, because I never got the annual flu shot and I'll be 53 in a month, and I never got the flu, not once!!! Colds yes, flu never. As a matter of fact, I haven't had any infectious disease in 3 years. I wear masks as little as possible, wash my hands once or twice a day, and was exposed to several people who developed COVID within 48 hours after me seeing them, and I … never … got it, or passed it asymptomatically – I don't know. I do take a strong whole food antioxidant supplement daily. So, anyway, do you honestly think I'm gonna have this garbage shot into my arm. Aw, heeeeeeelllll nooooo! Pureblood here and proud of it!

  9. It should be illegal to call an immune system irritant a vaccine. All it does it keep your body pissed off so if a disease comes in youre already fighting ready. A body should not be in that state of alert constantly.

  10. Ethics have completely gone out the window in almost every field, medical and journalism the most. Every doctor recommending this booster to a population that isn't at risk for straight up death is nothing better than a door to door salesman. We wonder why America can't get its act together in terms of healthcare and then completely miss the reasons when they are looking us in the face.

  11. To evaluate the effectiveness of a single booster dose of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine, Bivalent for individuals 18 years of age and older, the FDA analyzed immune response data among approximately 600 individuals 18 years of age and older who had previously received a two-dose primary series and one booster dose of monovalent Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine. These participants received a second booster dose of either the monovalent Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine or Moderna’s investigational bivalent COVID-19 vaccine (original and omicron BA.1) at least 3 months after the first booster dose. After 28 days, the immune response against BA.1 of the participants who received the bivalent vaccine was better than the immune response of those who had received the monovalent Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine.

  12. I hate , that this utter BS is still tested on innocent animals. The knowledge what cause all modern illnesses- LIFESTYLE- is there, so why mistreat animals ? And even if there were an illness to be researched : men is no mice! One is a rodent, mainly eatinng plant based, one should be omnivore. One has a lifespan from 18 months , one can become 100 – as long as he avoids pharma and medical system.

  13. Most people who get Covid 19 and/or variants do not wind up in the hospital, Vaxxed or not. Those who have gotten the double Vaxx's and boosters and still come down with the virus, then claim they didn't have to go to the hospital, or those who were hospitalized but survived and claim it was the Vaxx that saved them are, at best, speculating.

  14. Vinay , surely you don't know everything about Covid-19 or the vaccine. So all you are saying is just guessing as well as i am. I'm an engineer in Electronics. Don't guess, provide evidence? Don't talk a lot of nonsense of your opinion without data.

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