$110 BILLION For Ukraine War Is 100% Corruption

The usual line on why NATO has to support Ukraine with untold billions of dollars revolves around the freedom-loving people of Ukraine, but hard-line old school cold warrior Oliver North doesn’t bother with that, explaining to a Fox News host that the $110 billion dumped on Ukraine is “money well spent” because it’s helping to debilitate the Russian army while also funneling many of those billions into the pockets of red, white and blue-bleeding American weapons manufacturers. Just like St. Ronald Reagan used to do!

Guest host Aaron Maté and former U.S. Marine and weapons inspector Scott Ritter discuss North’s open shilling for military contractors at the taxpayers’ expense.

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  1. Imagine a $110.00 billion for building factories, bridges, schools, hospitals, fixing roads, cleaning up pollution, fixing inner cities, giving small business low interest loans, building and fixing roads, building high speed rails, providing food for inner city school programs, sports programs and GETTING ALL THE FREAKIN' VETERANS AND MENTAL HEALTH VICTIMS OFF THE GARD DARN STREETS! And all those places the lying SOB North mentioned … all MASSIVE F'N FAILURES AND MASSIVE TAX DOLLAR DRAINS TO AMERICA … EVIDENCE???? 32 TRILLION IN DEBT IN U.S. AND GROWING EXPONENTIALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. In Latin America, those were NOT Freedom fighters but paramilitary DEATH SQUADS! And likely the same in Angola and Guinea Bissau! and all BIG FAT FAILURES AND WASTE OF HUMAN LIVES AND TAX DOLLARS AND THIS IS WHY THE WORLD HATES THE U.S.!

  3. Unfortunately Nobody seems to care that 110 billion went to fund, world domination and pure corruption. 😢
    The masses only want to know what Kim Kardashian imbecile ex husband said next.
    Another excellent share thanks Jimmy you ROCK 🙌

  4. Corruption is one thing but this money is well spent. By helping Ukraine, US is destroying their second biggest military enemy and they don't even have to lose their own troops. Also, do americans have any idea how much money they waste on military every year? How much did Afganistan cost?

  5. Yup that's it idiot North – millions of dollars of outdated missiles for ANOTHER POINTLESS WAR! The U.S. is everyday digging itself deeper and deeper into debt and deeper into an unending HELL!

  6. They are NOT 'freedom loving Ukrainians' who are in power now!!!! They are proto-fascists who knowingly support the most despicable belief system KNOWN ON THIS F'N EARTH!!! NAZISM!!!! WTF…THE PROTO FASCISTS OUTLAWED MEDIA AND OPPOSITION PARTIES! THEY ARE BRUTAL THUGS AND MURDERERS!!! THEY ARE NOT FREEDOM LOVING, FURTHEST THING FROM IT!!!!

  7. they are probably already trained … and once deployed says only crew of three needed to operate … confusing … "In the U.S. Army, the Patriot System is designed around the battalion echelon. A Patriot battalion consists of a headquarters battery, which includes the Patriot ICC and its operators), a maintenance company, and between four and six "line batteries", which are the actual launching batteries that employ the Patriot systems. Each line battery consists of (nominally) six launchers[citation needed] and three or four platoons: Fire Control platoon, Launcher platoon, and a Headquarters/Maintenance platoon – either a single platoon or separated into two separate units, at the battery commander's discretion.

    The Fire Control platoon is responsible for operating and maintaining the "big 4", radar, the engagement control station, the antenna mast group, and the electric power plant. The launcher platoon operates and maintains the launchers. The Headquarters/Maintenance platoon(s) provide the battery with maintenance support and a headquarters section. The Patriot line battery is commanded by a captain and usually consists of between 70 and 90 soldiers. The Patriot battalion is commanded by a lieutenant colonel and can include as many as 600 soldiers.

    Once deployed, the system requires a crew of only three individuals to operate "

  8. I disagree these are not 'poor Ukrainians…' they are responsible for unnecessary conflict that was easily avoidable and has put the entire world on the brink of a nuclear war. NO! I do not respect them at all, no matter how hard they fight!

  9. Which nation and tyrant started all the wars in last 50 years? It's America, the one and only country waging wars base on lies to rob other nation resources. My moral and my money tells me dump the USD and stop buying American products.

  10. I'm a Brit and I'd like to know when the fk our countries are going to stay the fk out of other countries' wars that have fk all to do with us. We are just as sick as you lot are about the amount of cash that is being laundered through Ukraine. We know it's a scam and all about oil as well.

  11. All sounds god to me. I see no corruption in this. Firstly we do need to debilitate the Russian military, at least to he point that it is out of Ukraine and cannot threaten anyone else. Why? Apart from the moral objection to Russia occupying and independent, democratic state, destroying everything in sight and committing genocide, there is the little matter of the rest of Europe. If we let Russia take Ukraine that puts all former USSR states in East Europe in danger of similar occupation. And likely, one by one the rest of the countries of Europe. Putin has been following Hitler's playbook quite closely recently if you had not noticed.

    All the above requires supplying Ukraine with the weapons it needs. This is the bargain of the century. Only a couple of percent of the total spent by the USA on its military, so hardly noticeable, and does not require any American boys to step foot into battle.

    As a bonus, all the weapons production provides jobs for Americans. Which is probably a good idea at this time. 

    So, even ignoring "freedom loving" anybody, and even if you put aside all moral considerations, it's a good thing to do purely out of self interest for America.

  12. The US and the West have had no effing problem with "redrawing the boundaries of Europe"; not only in Serbia but most viciously after WWII under the Treaty of Trianon when they illegally STOLE and redistributed to five other countries (including Ukraine) TWO-THIRDS of Hungary's land with all the Hungarian citizens in it.

  13. Of course it's corruption to the bone marrow. Gvt buis guns with stolen money in order to kill hundreds of thousands of people and to destroy capital and environment. I mean what could be more corrupt than that?

  14. The Jimmy Dore has officially become "captured" by the MIC. Every segment Ritter has commented on he has painted a picture that Russian military capabilities are superior to that of the US (which is ridiculous) the only choice we have is to spend more money to enhance the war machine. Ritter and Ollie North are making the same argument!

  15. $110 Billion from US taxpayers for Russia to kill Ukraine Nazis who are led by a Jewish comedian? I mean, like, it sounds like a really good deal, to me. That said, it would only take $20 Billion to end homelessness in the USA and another $20 Billion to then house said former homeless people for 10 years and we also have literal hospitals FULL of kids with cancer and then there are all the bio people looking for grants to cure, ummm, aging and DEATH – those all sound like much better investments. But, yeah, $110 Billion to stage a fake war to literally commit genocide on Ukraine Nazis (who are commanded by a Jewish comedian LOL) does seem like a really good deal. It also sounds like something the CIA, Mossad and the FSB came up with while really baked on some strong ass weed, but, ummm, yeah.

  16. I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this question anywhere. Maybe Aaron can help. Are we loaning this money to Ukraine or giving it to them? Basically, will they have to repay this $110+ billion at some point?

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