12 PM AZ Senate’s response on the Maricopa County REAL Audit for America!

12PM Pre-Show and then the meeting of the AZ Senate’s response on the Maricopa County REAL Audit for America!

Written by Vote Liz Harris


  1. I think its time we tell Ms. Karen Fann that we're not f**KING around anymore and she needs to enforce the subpoenas to the full extent and arrest the BOS or we can arrest her.

  2. I hear the word “allowed” being used a lot! They don’t “allow” we the people… it OUR ELECTION ITS OUR RESULTS….. we have EVERY RIGHT TO AUDIT… AND TO USE THE AUDITORS WE PICK!

  3. Remember people, if this senate is not getting the peoples work done then it is your right and obligation to remove them all and carry out the justice currently obstructed. Karen, DO YOUR GOD DAMN JOB.

  4. We the people support Sen.Karen Fann, Dr. Kelli, AZ. auditors expose election fraud ! When the cheaters got caught ,they act as scoundrels of "corrupt DEEP STATE" desperate to cover up their crimes ! Stand strong! We the people demand Election integrity. These is another despicable trick of these professional criminals to stay in power ! we have been sold out more than two decades !

  5. When is ANYONE gonna be held accountable for their crimes?! So are you telling me if the find freakinaud, they aren’t going to decert the Az votes?

  6. Amazing job Karen Fann and ALL the people of Arizona's steadfast audit team. It is sad that from Nov- April BOS has no chain of custody docs. That Verizon card memory modules have gone missing. That pass words and files deleted or disappeared?Maybe dumb onion should be put under oath? Oh, they've gone missing too.
    Why the BOS should take the fall for the dumb onions is beyond me.

  7. You want to make it secure? Make sure that the people registering to vote are Citizens and make sure that when they go to the Polls that they can be confirmed by a government issued picture ID issued by the Voter Registrars Office as being an actual eligible voter. No mancines. Smaller Voting Precincts. Paper Ballots and Hand counts. Same day reporting of the voting results.

  8. By the way, Dominion/Smartmatic financially linking voting machine vendor to the CCP. China. Peter Neffenger is a United state coast guard Admiral & public servant as administrator of transportation security administration, self employee from July2015-Jan2017, then become Smartmatic's board director. He ought know what is wrong with Dominion ??

  9. If you all believe this was a free and fair election then allow the audit to be finished and quit obstructing. You're the ones making a mockery out of it by not allowing it to continue. PS fuck the board of supervisors and there feelings

  10. Pro tip to everyone:
    Youtube is cencoring comments with keywords, when you write EIection, use a Big "i" for the "l" so you won't get shadowbanned.

  11. Did you hear that Boca Richter say over and over. Where are they getting the money to pay for this audit? I say In God We Trust…printed where? On American Money