12 Things Suggest That the Economy is About to Crash

The warning signs are all around us. No matter what you believe you have to take a look at these 12 reasons that the economy is in much worse shape than we’ve been told. #Economy #Depression #12Warnings #IAllegedly #Inflation #nodeed #WellsFargo #JosephDreamhouse #carsales

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  1. You better buy gold & silver… Please check out Stansberry research and Diane Who interviewed Robert Kiosaki…… The dollar is dying. The big banks are buying gold and silver by the tons! The brics nations Are circle venting the dollar! The Saudi’s have now made agreements with Russia for protection… The petrodollar is dying! This is your last warning!

  2. Hi Dan great vlog with good information on your house deeds and pointers to the collapse of what we all take for granted could I just point out a UAP unidentfied aerial phenomena or ORB at 19,25 seconds which splits into 2 objects its very fast blink you miss it once again with all your feed back a lot of people are awoke peace from spain

  3. Trusts are not just for the rich. My 85yo mother has her very modest Los Angeles house (mortgage paid off years ago) in a trust – and yes – we have the deed in our possession. The last thing you want to go thru is probate. Anyone who tells you a will is all you need doesn't know what they're talking about. A will has no power when it comes to real estate.

  4. JOHN WILLIAMS OF SHADOW STATES IS MORE ACCURATE than anyone else an i trust his records. He uses the old standards to get his information.Single family apartments the tenant has to pay for their own cochroaches,.

  5. I have a rich friend who has millions but he is always calling his phone company, internet provider, bank, cable TV and insurance providers for a better deal. What he's found is they will ALWAYS lower their prices. If he didn't ask he would have continued paying what they charge. Don't ever renew anything without asking for a better deal. This has been going on for decades but nobody knows about it.

  6. Unemployment has NEVER been less that 12% the past 30 years. California has about 15% +, and never was less.. then don't count the unemployed who's benefits has been fully paid(26 weeks). Funny Inflation numbers, if its 8%, then why we are paying double the grocery bill we usually pay? add Gas prices, its 100%.

  7. I took half the money out of my checking (only $500) because I’m closing that account anyway. Opening another at a local credit union. So I have a few thousand at home. I still don’t know how much to have on hand. I’ve been slowly taking your advice. We are out of debt; actually we’ve never been in debt. We’re just waiting for the crash while watching the news say that gee, the deficit is going down and the jobs numbers are good. And I know they’re lying!

  8. Economic Ninja just did a video with Nobody Special. He's finding more people to collab with. I'm telling you, Dan, you need to find some guests, this is how you catch up. If not another economist, maybe a prepper? Fantastic video, by the way 🙂

  9. People are not going to take a job that pays 15 to18 dollars an hour. With inflation, gas prices, child support, a job won't keep your head above water. Joe just thinks things are going just fine.

  10. Inflation is here, probably for the rest of my lifetime. I am anxious for the housing crash but it is just not happening in my area! I live next to a guy who supervises 80 employees making trusses for houses. They worked all through the pandemic, through the inflation of lumber, and are working still. They haven't laid off anyone! I see him coming home from work everyday. After he has had a few beers, I go over to talk to him! He doesn't talk to me when he is not drinking : – ) I can ask him anything because he doesn't care what I think and I am not worth lying to!! The only time he didn't work was January of this year because he and his wife got Covid at a New Years Eve party! I got it the same month when my wife brought it home!! I drive all over the place to take my dog for adventures, I rarely see a for sale sign on a house and I see new development starts instead? I am genuinely afraid of what the effects and affects of the crash will bring, but I want to get it over with and return to a quasi normal life!!!! I can't help you with your subscription race because all of my friends are dogs! Keep up the good work!

  11. If you want to walk the best beaches in America, travel to the Outer Banks of NC and watch the wild horses on the beach. I grew up going to all the Southern California beaches and they are nice, but can't compare walking beaches with no people, with miles of great seashells, beams from shipwrecks and amazing wildlife. Take a vacation there sometime.

  12. None of these doom channels ever talk about normal cyclical downturns. They always take it to the worst case scenario where because of xyz indicators people will soon have to turn to cannibalism for food.

  13. I’m a 58 year old registered nurse that worked in surgery for 30 years I retired in December because I’ve had enough. My husband is a 62 year old sheriff’s deputy and his last day is Friday. We are smiling every day lol. Who knew Atlas Shrugged was about the Baby Boomers.

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