1200 Dead in First 90 Days

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This episode reviews a previously hidden report by Pfizer to the FDA covering the first 90 days of ‘post authorization’ vaccine safety data. A judge ordered its release and, perhaps not surprisingly, no major news outlet has dared to cover the story.

Within that first 90- day window, over 1,200 deaths were reported, with a significant number appearing to happen within the first 24 hours after vaccination. We can’t say for sure because the report lacks critical details that would allow us to align the specific deaths with the reported observation that the median elapsed time between vaccination and the adverse event was “less than 24 hours” for many types of AEs.

This report is a ‘second go’ by Pfizer after the first report was deemed wholly insufficient and lacking detail. This one isn’t actually all that much better, as it is entirely passive (no active data collection undertaken – it relies entirely on “spontaneously” reported events, and no inquiry into the adverse events is part of this version of the report), there’s no attempt made to define the incidence of events, and there is no visible effort made to compare the levels of events to an expected baseline of such events.

It is also impossible to determine first vs second vaccination injections (not reported) and the age brackets are not even age brackets (“child, adult and elderly”).

Besides the 1,223 spontaneously reported deaths, there is an overwhelming tilt towards women reporting AE’s often on the order of 4x or more. None of these were deemed to be worthy of modifying either the administration of the vaccines or the collection of new data in more useful detail.
Further, I track down the actual state of knowledge of what is and is not known about pregnancy and the vaccines to uncover the fact that no providers can say, one way or the other, if the vaccines are safe.

In the most current language available to vaccine and health care providers, Pfizer says “Available data on COMIRNATY administered to pregnant women are insufficient to inform vaccine-associated risks in pregnancy.”

Naturally, without being able to articulate the actual risk, true informed consent is not possible for pregnant women seeking to understand what the risks might be to their unborn child. All that can truthfully be said is “we don’t know.”

If more robust data does exist, it is not yet been made public. We may have to wait up to 55 years for that.


Mattias Desmet interview

AMA – Informed Consent

Informed Consent – Pfizer Proivder Labelling (Pregnancy)

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Episode 038

00:00 – Intro
02:17 – Pfizer Safety Data “Leaked”
09:38 – Known Limitations of SAEs
12:59 – Issues Immediately Apparent in Table 1
21:32 – Safety: Preganancy
24:08 – Children – Off Label Use
27:09 – Heart Issues (Known by Feb 28, 2021)
31:15 – Immune-Mediated
33:34 – Informed Consent
40:44 – What is “informed Consent” for Pregnancy?
43:00 – Conclusions

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  1. I'm a ER nurese from Canada working Brampton and dealing with post vaccination adverse events every day. None of these events are reported to the Public Health, niether there is a reporting system available to health professionals other then advising patients to call directly public health.

  2. What so 130 people died with in 24 hours and NO RED FLAGS come up. Are these guys kidding. If it was one of my family that died from the jab, I can tell you that someone is going to pay for that. Also that means that the jab is not given under informed concent. I can tell you that they are not telling you that you may die by having the jab befor you get the jab.

  3. Not trying to derail the train in here but VAERS takes submissions from… anyone that submits. You can just make up info and voila, the coof shot gave you super AIDS or whatever else you can think of. VAERS is an incredibly frustrating and stupid way to collect data and really should be disregarded. I suspect there is a lot of misreporting on it.

  4. I had COVID 19 prior to vaccine mandate. I experienced , sore throat, fatigue, sore back and rib cage especially on the bones and lost sense smell and taste (lasted a week). Also, covid 19 made the period light. I had 2 doses of pzifer mid 2021 after blood test revealed there was no Covid 19 antibodies. The first dose, i experienced fatigue, I slept all day, had a sore arm and underarm. Second dose, I had a bruise where injection site was and sore underarm. Overall, i experienced mild symptoms from pzifer vaccine compare to when I had covid.
    FYI, vitamin d level was 75 when I had covid and I was close contact, hence it was inevitable

  5. Seems like the FDA was asleep at the wheel, either through neglect or collusion? I vote for collusion, seeing as they say on this data for so long while pushing the jab on as many as possible before the s..t hits the fan. Criminal conduct by our own government. We need s total overhaul. Starting with jail terms or worse.

  6. The lack of empirical data and the reaction by the FDA to this lack speaks volumes. This was a set up from the start. A surveillance system based on whether individuals, doctors, hospitals, and in many cases health bureaucrats feel like reporting ? Give me a break. The report doesn't indicate whether any follow up was conducted by Pfizer into these AE's especially the serious ones. What a complete joke. I cannot believe Pfizer are such amateurs at data gathering and surveillance – these activities would be common to every drug they've ever made.
    It really leaves one with only one possible conclusion – Pfizer has willfully made a shamble of this process to avoid having to face the truth about their vaccine. Monsters

  7. Do any other vaccines show this level of "complications", fatal and otherwise? I remember hearing of a horrendous problem with an early polio vaccine, but that's all. When I see how many problems are caused by this, it seems 'way out of line. If it's this far out of line, the vaccines should be shut down. The expected incidence of these kinds of problems should be ZERO. After all, these vaccines are supposed to be saving lives, not destroying them.

  8. For reference : in safety critical software (like in aircraft, rail systems, mining gas detection, etc), the "acceptable level of probability of a life-threatening event due to software failure" is 1 in 1 billion. As in, 0.000000001% chance of the event occurring. As in, the software undergoes a regulatory process with rigurous tests, reviews and documentation to prove it meets that level of risk reduction, before it can be certified as safe to release for end use. What is the acceptable level of risk medication is supposed to comply to?

  9. The report is up on Scribd to read. Summary numbers are given for under-17 (should just be 16-17, but some kids have been vaccinated), 18-30, 31-50, 51-64, 65-74, 75+. Then there's about 20 pages of discussion on different adverse reactions at a pretty high level.

  10. Looking at the vast array of different "complications" (F***-ups), it seems like the thing is designed as a biological warfare experiment, to wit: "Let's just throw in all this impactful stuff to see how many people we can kill and which of our biowarfare agents are most effective". The numbers don't look big with regard to the "29 million" or whatever total "doses", but if it IS a test, assuredly those doing the "testing" will start slow and then ramp things up over time. But do we want to wait five years to see how drastic they will make it? If they want to use this kind of operation to bring about mass deaths, they will start slow and add the numbers on later. Could be the goal is XXX million deaths over the next twenty years, sort of like the frog in slowly boiling water.

  11. Did they really have a pregnancy lactation sample size of 42086? How many were jabbed in first second and thrid trimester? how many were jabbed after the baby was born? seems like important info

  12. My partner and I are moving to Australia, something we've wanted to do for years, which we were about to do just before COVID. Australia requires a vaccine for us to enter now, so we are gonna HAVE to get one. It's scary, I don't want to go anywhere near these vaccines, but now I'm trying to choose the least worst of them.. perhaps the Astra Zenica one is the one to go for?

  13. Health providers read the script. The vast majority believes the narrative. Exemptions are impossible even if potential danger is blatantly obvious from the patient’s medical history and/or serious complications after the first jab.

  14. I don’t know which I would prefer to be the case: a) That our medical regulatory institutions are as pathetically inept as their performance has indicated throughout this Orwellian ordeal…
    Or b) That their data collection and analytics are designed to be intentionally vague and inconclusive to prevent political fallout and, god forbid, for ANY adverse news to impact vaccine sales and disrupt the deliberately un-nuanced public vaccine narrative or raise any questions about governmental policies and mandates issued despite their known unconstitutionality.

    The last year and a half has illustrated but a few reasons why universal healthcare, especially in a country like the US, where you’re a damned fool if you trust the government where there’s money to be made, is a TERRIBLE idea. If we’ve learned anything from this experience, it’s that we need far LESS government involved with our personal health, NOT MORE.

  15. Times that number by 10. I have my own government saying in a document that only 10% of all SERIOUS cv v injuries are being reported. Serious as in life threatening. It's 2-4% for non serious reports.
    It's worse than you think.

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