1,200 Scientists Declare “There is No Climate Emergency” – World Climate Declaration (WCD)

While Justin Trudeau , Steven Spielberg and other Hypocritical Climate Alarmists fly around in their private jets and tell you that you’re harming the planet with carbon, 1200 actual climate scientists gather to make a new declaration; that there is not climate emergency.

World Climate Declaration (WCD):

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  1. You guys all know what. To me its obvious, the elite want there to be a climate problem, that's precisely why they are flying around more now than ever before. make as much pollution as possible so that there is an impact on the environment. They are also already using weather seeding in both China and now Canada since 2019 apparently. They are attempting to reduce the intensity of sun rays as a way of cooling the earth and despite them doing this, we are apparently in many areas around the globe, hitting record highs for temperature. So maybe they need to stop this BS and let life happen because if there was an actual climate crisis, what they are doing is not helping and one could argue its making it worse. Unless that is the intent, to actual make a climate problem.

    Another thing with Canada reducing its nitrogen in Farming. this will cause trapped CO2 to be released from the ground into the atmosphere. Farmers will have to enlarge their farms to make up for the lost crops and to supply enough food. This will of course result in more deforestation which not only releases CO2 but takes away from the filtration of CO2 in the air. So in conclusion, my guess with all this climate policy garbage is they cant truly be this stupid and they know what they are doing. they are trying to create an emergency. The problem is, this earth that God created is quite capable of handling what we throw at it. it cleans up after nature which is far far messier when it comes to CO2 emissions. We cannot dream of creating the amount of CO2 that nature makes.

  2. The only thing we can say about humans and climate change, is that humans are affecting it to some degree. But that degree for the most part is unknown since this is the first time in history where there is a huge amount of humans. And we also don’t know how fast/ slow this heating period of the earth would be naturally. Although from the past heating/cooling periods earth has had, the periods have been shorter and shorter from the best estimations from scientists. And fyi, in case you didn’t know, the earth has had many heating and cooling periods (ever heard of ice ages?), even before humans existed.

  3. This has never been about the environment…this is about establishing a brand new tax base that politicians can levy against its people, it's companies and other countries they dont like. Do we really believe that taxing everyone will solve the problem….hmmm

  4. Al Gore's global warming narrative has made him a billionaire. His "An Inconvenient Truth" should be rebranded as his "Convenient Lie" for his private profit and that of his cronies who continue to defraud us via their Green Finance and Impact Investing. This Green New Deal/UN Agenda 21/2030/Paris Agreement, is nothing more that a wealth transfer from us to them. Thank You!

  5. For gigayears the Sun has been the largest driving force of climate change on Earth. Facts and data, don't cease to exist because people wrap themselves in ideology.

  6. The climate emergency is not the real issue, its the fuckers who tax us for something imagined, fictitious, unreal. The use of fiction as a motivator and then tax.
    Shall we pay asteroid tax? Asteroid emergency tax…. How about sun deathray from sunspot tax? Maybe one day we get just roasted, they might need to tax us, ozone or something, the think tanks will fill in the blanks and make the bullshit taste like icecream for everyone to lick up.

  7. Don’t look up Clyde. Why do people disregard one “science” when it comes to say medical then cling to another “science” when it comes to climate? So often we find the “science” that fits our beliefs allowing ourselves to be blinded by our own set of desires. Perhaps a good start might be to do a background check on each of the signatories of the report you are using to buttress your beliefs. Find out how they have earned their money and where their loyalties lay.

  8. I know the crisis is fake. There was a meeting with the elites circa 1989/90/91 where they decided that to put fear into people and continue their economic agenda, climate crisis would be advanced.
    The next year it went to the UN and behold, ipcc.
    And who is taking in the bucks….

  9. The hole climate change is a scam the earth is going back to what it was before the ice age .it's a tropical planet no ice caps .they are saying of all the ice melts there would less land to live on with all the water drought in the world.

  10. It was sunny yesterday, its raining today. Climate change is happening in front of our eyes. This never happened millions of years ago, my neighbour told me and I believe him so I helped him hang his pride flag back up and drove him to the doctors for his 5th booster. Bloody great guy/gal he/she is..

  11. If CC is real and I think it is, the elite do not have any solutions. The WEF de population agenda will only speed CC up and is not a solution. Bill Gates can pay off 1200 scientists, he already has bought many major news corps on the plandemic. We are in a catch 22 in regards to CC dammed if we do and dammed if we don't

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