Getting deplatformed, vaccines, politics and PRISON STORIES with MARTIN SHKRELI!

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0:00 Intro
1:33 Introducing Martin Shkreli
4:26 The Cringiest NFTs
7:02 Martin Shkreli On Getting Deplatformed
12:19 Elon Musk Buying Twitter
15:19 Martin Shkreli On Current Stock Trading
18:15 How Much Does Martin Have To Pay The Government?
25:40 Marin Shkreli’s Prison Experience
45:42 Martin Shkreli On Corona Virus & Vaccines
58:35 Ad – – 10% Off Your First Month
1:00:27 Martin Shkreli On The Media
1:11:58 More Jail Stories
1:14:43 Wu-Tang
1:22:31 Martin Shkreli On Jim Kramer
1:29:35 Martin Shkreli On Pharma & Health Insurance
1:34:42 Martin On Suing The Wallstreet Journal
1:37:53 Martin On Politics Going Into 2024
1:41:02 More Prison Stories
1:53:00 Martin’s Future Goals
1:57:05 Outro

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  2. I do fix my toilet and most things and solder but are you saying nothing is bad or can be bad about the shot and also it sounds like you are disregarding that most people don't have any reason not to get it where when you are healthy you are a lot better off not taking it and if you get the virus fine and you will have some immunities

  3. A lot of public defenders do actually work with the judge and prosecutor. When there are only 3 public defenders and they are going in front of the same judge and prosecutor multiple times a day, it’s almost impossible for them not to try to find some common ground; sometimes that entails throwing people under the bus.

  4. Cool to see Martin again, shame its on this stupid podcast, these two laugh like some kind of morons from every single thing he says even when its not a joke

  5. Alright, just finished, and I've decided there is no "Boys Cast" without Shkreli being a regular third host. You guys have great chemistry, having him on full time will definitely help the show grow.

  6. …no one could have guessed it worked… its never worked in the past… which medical study are you looking at to think it worked this time..? Actually insane to hear this guy say people refuse to accept 'expertise' but doctors were banned off the internet for voicing fact… guess they should have trusted expertise. Actual play pretend pharma simp logic that the ineffective shot is like getting your toilet fixed and its just cut and dry safe for your 6 month old. "what about this side effect, just shut up this isnt your thing" 1/5000 getting heart conditions/complications wtf are you talking about…

  7. I like Shkreli, but man his take on this vaccine is just awful. 55:30 in to the podcast he's telling everyone to defer to the authorities and let them make your health decisions for you and your kids and you should just listen to your doctor and take the vaccine, that's such a load of crap. People should do their own research and think for themselves.

    Besides, Shkreli is making the assumption all the pro-vaccine people are making which is that there are no doctors who would tell you not to get vaccinated. I went to my doctor during the height of the pandemic and he asked me if I was going to get the COVID-19 vaccine and I told him no. He told me I was right not to get it because I'm a young, healthy guy in my 20s. There's no need for me to get vaccinated and there is a ton of data to suggest it's not safe especially for people my age. He even pulled the World Health Organization data up on his phone and we talked it over. The people who don't want to get the vaccine aren't all basement dwelling idiots ignoring the advice of doctors.

  8. Love you guys but Danny, you just said that RFK organization was "straight up anti vx" and that is NOT true. The children's defense fund is for kids injured by vaccines. These companies can never be sued no matter what the shots do (or what they have in them) because they have indemnity. He (RFK Jr) is NOT anti vx. Just like he fought big corporate forces that pollute our waters, he's bravely lead the charge to try and make companies stop putting dangerous additives in the only drug that they can't be sued for just bc it's cheaper for their bottom line. These parents have somewhere to turn because of children's defense fund. You shouldn't have said what you said but everyone makes mistakes. Anyhow, you guys do great work and thank you!.

  9. “Just because they did Tuskegee and the Crack Epidemic and secretly injected citizens with plutonium and Operation Sea Spray and MK Ultra and forcefully sterilized poor and disabled people doesn't mean they aren't acting in our best interest with this vackseen, you’re not even a doctor”

  10. I always wanted to see this dude's potential in the future. Big Pharma has been up to their games since the AZT days and what the media tried to portray this guy as just showed us we need limits on drug costs. This guy was just 1 guy who pissed off so many people the media Outted pharma. Mark Cuban on The Full Send Podcast talks about his new company Cost plus where it's base level plus shipping and a specific fee. I think the documentary and his story overall will have a lot of positive benefits despite the way it was portrayed and perhaps the potential lack of ethics involved in certain things. Nothing big business doesn't do every day but I feel that's all an argument in of itself dealing with competition.

  11. Shkreli hit the nail on the head about Jon Stewart. The rose tinted glasses people have about TDS blinds many from how much of a shoddy muckracker Stewart was during his tenor. Then he foisted Colbert, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee and Jordan Klepper upon the public. I do also get some sort of sense that Stewart feels somewhat ashamed about it, notably when he went on about Wuhan lab and Colbert treated him as if he had dementia and couldn’t even begin to laugh at Stewart’s observations.

  12. @1:45:58 Kyle Meyers, FPS Russia, has talked about this on the PKA podcast. While on probation, you cannot associate with other known felons. Shkreli contacting, communicating with any of the felons he met in prison is a violation of his probation.

    “I just listen to my lawyers and do what they say” is good advice, generally. Also, do whatever you PO says and whatever the judge orders.

  13. When it first came out the Martin was up scaling the price of medicine and the other stuff I was mad. But then I realized he’s doing everything the politicians and corporations do except he’s just a dude. Mad respect. Because who cares? Play their game and use their tools.

  14. I don’t want Martin to lose the case, but I also want the monopolies to be taken down a notch.
    You can be Kobe of the free market or Michael Jordan of capitalism. As long as you do it legally, morally, and ethically. Especially if your in the business of messing with peoples minds like social media does.

  15. I wonder what skreli thinks of the study saying anti depressants don’t work, or that a chemical imbalances doesn’t equate to depression. There’s wanting to help people, and there’s shilling for a company

  16. The 'distrust of experts' narrative is left wing spin on average citizens reassuming their responsibility to stay informed. Literally the next segment on the show is about how untrustworthy the press is. They don't trust they are being given the truth. It has nothing to do with expertise itself, and this is proven by every favorable/unfavorable opinion poll, where a solid majority of Americans incomprehensibly still trust the CDC, FBI, military, etc.

  17. I think Martin's image in interviews I've seen (this and with destiny) seems much better than the pharma bro I've the media painted.

    I am however sceptical, and I wonder if anyone has info on the legal details of his case. It's hard to five anything about it.

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