#139 Advice For Men By Women

Brian Stelter, She-Hulk, Patriarch Fest and GIRLS’ ADVICE TO MEN

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Brian Stelter Fired From CNN
3:36 Tax Agents
10:49 Job Distribution Between Men And Women
29:37 She-Hulk
40:14 Tate Is Off The Internet
55:30 Ad – – 10% Off Your First Month
57:04 Patriarch Fest
1:12:46 Girls’ Dating Advice To Men
1:39:38 Outro

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  1. They are 100% going after Venmo and people making side money the biggest thing is they are gonna be doing soft audits where they just mail you a bill and say you owe this much because you underpaid your taxes and if you don't pay it, they're going to really audit you. It's happened to me a few times and I just paid it off but it's like getting pulled over for drunk driving and refusing to do a breathalyzer so I can automatic driver's license suspension. That's going to be bad for everybody

  2. I work in mining. Nearly all women in the industry are desk jobs or support roles unrelated to the direct mining work (kitchens, HR, supply and logistics, engineering, finance, procurement, and a few operate haul trucks but not dozers/excavators/loaders/etc). Seeing a woman on the tools or heavy equipment is an extremely rare event. Then in the desk jobs and support roles, they’re promoted over more experienced men for a political numbers boost.

  3. Your average American mother ‘might’ freak out if her son is being exposed to douchey masculinity gurus. She WILL DEFINITELY freak out if she finds out her son is being sold into an MLM.

  4. Dang, Danny was getting in a little bit of a tizzy when Ryan was calling him out for being too cool for school on his impressions. 😂

  5. Ryan is right, She-Hulk would completely slide under the radar if they didn’t feel the need to literally stop and explain into the camera The Message. It’s honestly not that bad, just cringe when they don’t realize you’re supposed to show don’t tell.

  6. Lol, watching you two struggle to understand why movie companies would release this sort of trash. This is by design not by mistake. Blackmailing and extortion is all fair in international politics…especially if you feel the entire world will commit another Hitler act against you at any minute. Best move is to destabilize other nations, right?

  7. What's funny is She-Hulk is actually a super successful female comic book character. She's supposed to be strong, sexy, confident but then the tv show is classic Disney Marvel M-She-U nonsense

  8. The reason responding to beliefs with reality isn't accepted is because it completely destroys the narrative people are trying to push.
    "I feel like a celestial unicorn-mouse. "
    "But really you aren't."
    "How dare you? You hateful anti-unicorn-mouse bigot. I hate you and don't believe you should exist in society. So I'm going to try and make that happen."

  9. hose like a fire man
    coming fo yo hiney man!

    Stelter: he drove her

    Said "call me Ben Dover"

    Then stoned her: like a Pharisee

    With mickey mouse and Hennessey


    He fine-dine the hymen without


    'Hung'-over with a seltzer &


    Run a train for the weekend to


    So much sleet these snow bunnies be


    To make ROOM for the BOOM that leaves you
    Walking funny down the halls and be
    As you search for
    Brian moves in mysterious

    And if she's in another castle?
    Mario Stelter don't think it any hassle

    Someone should call Cuomo brother and tell them

    A new plumber stompin' goombas: (the Steltz-man!)

  10. 1:16:00 progressive dinner is like stations of the cross. A different restaurant for segment. Coffee, then dinner, then dessert, then night cap, then sex. Expensive night. The 5 tips to servers the guy has to pay alone is 60$

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