14 State Attorney General’s Object to CDC Child Vaccine Decision

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) last week approved adding Covid-19 vaccinations to the recommended vaccine schedules for children and adults. Although the vote for the recommendation was unanimous, several members of the ACIP stressed they were not setting a requirement for anyone to be vaccinated. The recommendation included a statement which stressed this was not a requirement for children to attend school. “Adding the COVID-19 vaccine to the recommended childhood immunization schedule does not constitute a requirement that any child receive the vaccine,” offered Dr. Nirav Shah, an ACIP member and Director of Maine’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The meeting started rumors saying the vote created a nationwide student mandate. Even though this isn’t true, it did start a series of legal moves by state attorney generals.

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  1. None of these so-called `vaccines' are approved. Legally, an `approval' automatically removes the EUO exemptions granted to the Emergency Use Only Covid19 BIONtech `vaccines'. In fact, the FDA approval of the Cominaty `vaccine' automatically and immediately revoked the EUO status of the BIONTech `vaccine'; therefore. the Approved Cominaty preparation will never be produced as it would carry no exemptions from liability. Sleight of hand of the worst type is that though there was talk of an approved `vaccine', the reality is that only the EUO BIONtech vaccine was ever produced and used, and is still being used.

  2. Nothing on how getting this drug approved for kids triggers the indemnity clause? This would make the pharmaceutical companies permanently free from liability on this drug.

  3. I hope many more states step up and fight back against this nonsense. CDC is basically demanding parents play Russian roulette with their children’s health. There is zero long term data, healthy children are not at risk from adverse effects from the virus. This is just criminal. It’s against Federal law to mandate an EUA medical treatment. It’s also a Federal offense to have commercials on TV stating the EUA medical treatment is safe and effective.
    Clearly it’s neither.

  4. What exactly is the benefit of getting everyone vaccinated? The vaccine doesn´t protect you from infection, the vaccine doesn´t stop you from giving Covid to others, the vaccine doesn´t protect you from a bad outcome if you get Covid and it doesn´t even protect you from death from Covid. So what exactly is the benefit of getting everyone vaccinated that outweighs the risks of rare side effects?

  5. Have you heard of VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome)?
    Studies show that 8 months after vaccination the immune system is compromised. pfizer CEO bourla said their working on a vaccine that lasts more than 1 year. What does he mean? Get vaccinated every 13 months?

  6. Even the Illinois congressman's 17 yo daughter was found dead in her bed after the vaxx. And HE touted the vaxx on Twitter and said his kids were being vaccinated. Shocking, and it still goes on…

  7. The objective of this unanimous decision by the CDC is to give legal protection to big pharma and not so much to force the jabs on the children at this point in time. Eventually, these health agencies will do something to coerce parents and children to take the jabs yearly or even twice a year if they want to do so.

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