145,000 Aussies may be forced to Sell Their Homes

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Or 145,000 Aussies might be forced to tighten their belts?


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  1. But! To struggle for the next 30 years on a real budget! What a future for you and kids. Interest is nothing, inflation will get them.
    Maybe do a SCOMO take on more portfolios. LOL.

  2. I am browsing single homes in my city for fun and have seen an interesting trend: the bigger ones dont get sold anymore but get delisted on website A and relisted on website B xD
    Cant imagine whats gonna happen next~

  3. All the smartarses who withdrew their properties from the market last Saturday due to not getting the greedy prices they wanted at auction, I hope that they end up getting severely mortgage stressed and end up forced to sell. That will show them for being greedy pigs.

  4. Interest rates have gone down over the last 30 years to the lowest rates ever in my lifetime, therefore after partying for 30 years the time has come to clean up the mess.

  5. Govt won't allow property to go down.

    Yes the only thing that will collapse property by 30 to 40 percent us China reducing its imports of resources from Australia.

    It is coming much sooner than anyone in Australia expects.

    We cannot and will never be able to produce our own goods.
    We don't have any skills to manufacture anything.
    We are already in De globalisation phase.

    If we people in Australia don't understand what this means.

    We need to see the dramas unfolding

  6. Hise free market is just a dream and this is not only in Australia.. Another vital point is to understand what are worth things, because in a non free market economy everything as loose they they correct value..e.g. houses are highly expensive here in Australia, but their price is not reflecting thier value.

  7. I think australia should be sweet. Inflation hit australia late. The cash rate started going up late. America’s inflation is turning or peaking. Oil prices are coming down. Nzs inflation has got to the point wages are going up which doesn’t help. Australia’s inflation will probably go up a little yet but it’ll hopefully not hit wages and inflation will probably drop easier in australia. But besides all that cash rates will need to stay up to inflation is down to 1 to 3% . And also cash rates won’t be going under 2% . I think central banks around the world have learned there lesson crashing interest rates to low. The damage it courses isn’t worth it. And that’s not only the actuals of central banks over the pandemic period. It’s rates to low since the GFC and QE. I think after central banks have reset decades in the future will very different to the past decade

  8. Ok 10m homes and how many people living in Australia then how many cars per house then add demographics there’s a lot of empty homes in Australia and I don’t think they are all in the Bush

  9. It’s not all just people overspending on smashed Avo or being soft. Some have slugged there guts out on one wage to buy in a market that was high and just about out of reach! There the battlers that will budget as much as they can and still not cope

  10. No banks are extending the loan time allowing up to 35 years in some cases, also people can transfer to interest only.

    The housing market will stagnant maybe a small fall, however once interest rates stabilise maybe with its first small cut the property market will boom again.

    Don't worry, your safe as houses.

  11. People who point the finger at financial institutions are a product of the blame culture. About damn time people took personal responsibility for their actions. No better lesson learned than one learned through greed, vanity (keeping up appearances/living beyond their means) and eventual lose or hardship.

  12. Yea! $500 , 700. Million home and mortgzge for thirty maybe fourty, fifty years. And in 30,40 years the people driving trucks,or kentuky fried chickin.
    Will have to be on $200 an hour to buy these million $ homes. EXCUSE MEEEE.

  13. Don’t worry Heise, the real estate agents always have a way of talking up these major adversities… lemme think…. a softening of the market? Or how about a bargain bonanza for buyers?

  14. Another class of people you did not include and that is public servants. I know as I was one for forty odd years by choice because I worked in the 70's through high inflation and recessions. I pretty much knew I would always have a job whether I was a good worker or not.

  15. So where will they live? Are they downsizing? Moving to rental? This is nonsense. The keyword in that title is MAY need to sell their home. This is how lazy journalists get away with speculations instead of reporting. There is nothing to report as a result of these rate rises. 99% of mortgage holders can absorb them. And those that can’t maybe don’t go on an overseas holiday this year. What a tragedy!

  16. Housing should of never ever been made into profit making by the boomers
    The boomers themselves bought homes for 20,000-100,000k

    The boomers may have lead the way to the government owning all properties

    Due to greed

    And our elders unable to path fairness and equality through to all

    50% will no longer be able to own their home once it hits 3.3%

    Everyone should have a home

    Assets and money should of been only made via occupation and contribution= job business or creation

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