1984 Audiobook by George Orwell

Written by Jeff Middleton


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  2. I love how dumbasses are saying that websites run by private companirs banning people for breaking the rules is literally censorship but they don't bat an eye when BLM activists are kidnapped by the FBI in unmarked vans.
    1984 is happening.
    But it has nothing to do with people getting mad at you for saying slurs.

  3. How Winston felt when he saw the dark hair girl carelessly thrown her clothes aside, as if she was giving middle finger to Big Brother. Imagine that being out world and meeting somebody who decides to shop without wearing a mask!

  4. I just came here to comment that I'm too scared to read or listen to this. I have the book, but I'm afraid that if I read it, I'll either commit suicide or go mad with hopelessness.

  5. This book was wrote to commemorate 100 years of Fabian rule,who were formed in 1884,and its these same pricks that are responsible for what we are seeing now,communist pricks

  6. America needs to get quality education back into the curriculum and remove the CCP's influence in our public schools. We should be wiser than our snakey enemies. We should be braver! We should be at Peace!

  7. "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength"

    All of this is happening now, and if it isn't, then we're a few steps away.

    "War is Peace"
    Look what the U.S. Government did to Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of "War on Terror" and "Peace". They were just invasions and war crimes to dominate the middle east.

    "Freedom is Slavery"
    In schools they teach you how important freedom is, yet they still heavily restrict your behaviour, and don't let you be yourself. Society says "be yourself", but when you actually be yourself, they despise and mistreat you. They trick you into thinking that the only way to become an individual of value and have freedom, is to follow all social norms and leave your independent and critical thinking behind.

    "Ignorance is Strength"
    The media and the government only serve the purpose to keep you away from the truth, in the name of "National Security". Everything is done behind your back, so that you don't express opposition. They tell you to behave as one to become stronger, but you only end up being a brainwashed sheep, with absolutely no critical or independent thinking, only capable of merging with the equally-as-ignorant herd, while monopolies profit off of you while you live like the lower-class. There is no freedom, there's no privacy, there's only big brother, mega corporations, thoughtpolicing, censorship, propaganda, and history whitewashing. You think they teach you anything in school? Except learning how to behave like the rest and learn how to be ruled by authoritarianists, totalitarianists, and collectivists? You paid to have your kid brainwashed.

    The world is a dystopia.
    We're stumbling across some really dark times. The only thing you can do now, is learn survival skills, protect your privacy and anonymity, and take care of yourself and our overpopulated, dying planet.

  8. I tried reading 1984 when I was 18. I was so bored by it I only got halfway through it. Probably because I had already watched endless documentaries on communism, ww1 and ww2, nazis, southeast Asia, etc. that I already knew what they were getting at. This just involved pigs.