2 FDA Officials Resigned While Conducting Booster Shot Review

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News from Business Insider:

Dr. Marion Gruber’s Linkedin:
FDA Director, Office of Vaccines Research & Review

Written by Tony Lin


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  1. So more poison is going in to the people this is disgusting 🤮 this so bad thank you for sharing l am in Australia 🇦🇺 they are already taking about this booster shot the government is going to kill people not the virus 🦠.

  2. I have about five family members who live in Florida, four don’t have a vaccine and one did, all just got Covid 19 and all went to get infusions to help and they all got better in two to three days. There is NO reason to have a vaccine for this Pandemic! If you want to? Good go for it. But if u don’t want to it should not be pushed. I have a lot of family members and friends who have not been vaccinated and don’t even wear a mask here in SC and they have not even got the Covid yet.. my son however he got Covid and he is overweight and I was worried about him for sure!! But thank God in heaven he pulled threw. I don’t think we have the infusions here but if so? He would have pulled thru faster I am sure. For me? I have not been vaccinated, I was not going to even when Trump was President! I never had the flu shot for all these years we had it except two years ago I decided to get it since I was 49 and around elderly, but I have not had it since because I just don’t need it. I exercise and am healthy. I have been exposed to Covid several times and I think I have gotten a natural immunity. I had had stuffy nose a day or two but then I was fine and I took the Covid test. So so far I think my immunity is good.
    I don’t know long term effects. What if they cause cancer? U don’t know!! We have cancer run in our family! And I don’t want to risk it. And the more they act like we are awful for not taking it? The more I won’t

  3. Because they don't care whether it is safe or not! They just trying to beat others, like a race! They don't care that people are dying or permanently sick and can't move! Thet don't care about side effects that have made people handicapped and now can't work and have bills they can't pay! They don't care!!! Trust in God and Jesus before you put faith in things that are man made! These man made things are false security measures. Maybe think way this is all happening??? We are being punished for our lack of faith in God! We have exiled ourselves so far away from God, he is letting us know he is still here! Seek God and his Son Jesus out, give you life to them before it's too late! Yeshua (Jesus) is the only one that can truly save you from this evil wicked world! Only they can give you peace and rest! Grace only comes from above, not from down here!🙏🙏

  4. “Vaccination certificates will therefore have to go… The form of tyranny hidden in these vaccination certificates is just as real a threat to the nation’s spiritual resources as a smallpox epidemic itself.”

    ——Kuyper, A. 2015. Our Program: A Christian Political Manifesto. (p. 249). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press; Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty.

  5. Those vaccines have a shelf life. So many people didn't want them. Makes sense to use them now before they expire. If you wait two more months, they will have to go into the trash. Those Pfizer and Moderna shots, already paid for by President Trump's contracts are bloody expensive. There is no clause allowing them to be returned if people didn't want to take them. Anti-vaxers don't want to take their vaccines, and wouldn't allow other people to use them. WTF are they up to?

  6. The people with only 6 shots will be blamed for infecting the people with 7 shots when there is no more unvaccinated people to blame. Wait until we get to the 20th booster shot.

    Money, money, money! With no liability, we need to buy shares in these company's.

  7. Thank you for what you do. I can’t imagine the time it takes you to find these bits of pertinent, truthful information amid all the deceit. You’re one of my major news sources.

  8. If i were these 2 fda scientists, i would not resign. I would not approve the booster shot after review, maybe then i would resign after that. This way, the american would get the message. Lets go Brandon.

  9. These governing bodies get crazier and crazier during this whole thing with the virus, imo _ A recent interview of the medical researcher that developed the Moderna Covid vaccine says the whole approval was rushed _ But he said for people over 60 and those in a high risk group including obesity that their percentages of survival are still better getting the vaccine. – edited: i have been surprised and also disappointed that doctors have not got together to protest and even bring law suit in some of these situations. . . :>/

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