2 Million CCP Spies Have Infiltrated the West – Episode #41

Yep. The biggest Chinese communist party leak in history. We talk about that, Monster Hunter, GOG banning a Taiwanese game, and much more.

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  1. THANK YOU…Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Jonathan Vance for having the foresight to cancel the winter training of the PLA ( The army of the most corrupt, evil, totalitarian regime on the planet run by a crime boss not at all unlike John Gotti aka Teflon Don because none of his criminal actions have come back to him). Winter training is what the PLA MUST get in order to be able to deal with the winter and altitude trained Indian ?? army in Ladakh where they were resoundingly defeated in a brawl recently. Emperor Teflon Xi has blood on his hands from Tibet, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and now Mongolia as he attempts to use cultural genocide on Chinese ethnic groups he wants to turn into Han people! This will never happen no matter how hard he tries to re-educate them with his ever famous and taught thoughts which are mandatory learning with all Chinese students from kindergarten to University. Have we not seen this before? And the blood on his Teflon hands continues to flow off of him! Sterilization of Uyghur women, incentives for Han to marry Uyghur’s to kill their blood lines, abortions, keeping the men away from their families as forced labourers, raising Uyghur’s children in brainwashing kindergartens, performing over 100,000 organ transplants a year with only 6,000 Chinese on the organ donation registry, building fences along the borders with Vietnam and Myanmar to keep Chinese from fleeing China, being involved in the expanded forced organ program where now “Halal” body parts from Uyghur Muslims are provided to well heeled Muslims in the Middle East as well as organs from Falun Gong who’s organs are in high demand because of their healthy life style, disregarding rulings handed down by UNCLOS which clearly stated that the South (china) Sea does not belong to China but to all the other 5 nations surrounding it as well, and finally…..the leaked document from the CCP themselves clearly indicating they are on a rampage to take over the political, educational, scientific, think tanks, and financial institutions of the world with their 2,000,000 spies and influencers who use money and sex to claw their way to the top of these organizations and gain control of them! Wake up world…….All you see is Chinese money! You’ll pay for not being more vigilant!

  2. All I can really say is “no fucking shit Sherlock…” I’m glad that people are finally waking up to the fact that Russia stopped being the threat in the 90s

  3. Winston you’re wrong
    They are foreigners from mainland China.
    It works equally both ways man.
    Ive seen many foreigner here back home and many are from China and including mainland China

  4. I've been more conscious about buying any kind of tech products from Taiwan and doing anything I can to avoid Chinese products. When I watch the channel China is focus, its so terrible to see how the CCP treats its citizens. It's a hard issue to tackle because when the communist party struggles it seems they take it out on the backs of their people it seems. I think there is an awakening in the Chinese that the CCP isn't on their side.

  5. This isn't news,
    Spying has been around since like forever,
    A spy was responsible for helping bring down the walls of Jericho,
    Catch them and put them on public display and then I'd say you got something worth watching and listening to,
    Sorry, no offence intended,

  6. The West is getting insane and paranoid. When you see a Chinese in the West, you see a CPC spy. Serpent's wife is Chinese, therefore also a CPC spy

  7. Imagine that someone on Y.T. keeps adressing the CCP as a dangerous government. Giving other people around the world an insight how the CCP is operating just under the surface all around the world. One day you will get visited by a CCP operative and there will also be a possibility that you are being shutdown.Permently.
    It is ok to talk about the CCP. But you also have to tell people that this is not without any riscs.