20% Of Aussies Quitting Their Jobs

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20% of Aussies are quitting their jobs. Perhaps this will drive up wages and is a sign that people are changing their priorities?


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  1. Inflation is up, wages stagnant and people looking for better paid jobs because they have to pay for overpriced houses and new land cruiser or a boat. But keep blaming vac mandates, and keep marching to Canberra looking for pedofiles, lizards or some other bs, while banks and government together with rba are laughing at you. Also keep watching channels 7 and 9 who constantly spruiking property market so fomo kicks in. 50% of housing prices rising are fault from new buyers who thinks rate rises will never happen and cheap money is free.

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  3. Yep I quit a high paying mining job to grow our business but a turn of events had put a light on my 2year old sons learning milestones, has now been diagnosed with GDD and I'm happy that I quit ,the manager was a young power hungry idiot who is loosing staff every week which puts more strain/work on everyone else, I had worked there for almost 10years and never had seen so much abuse of power (simple math mistake=demotion ,nearly killing someone resulting in injury =slap on the wrist)wtf has the world come too??

  4. Read the comments. There are several factors, but jab mandates is one of them. No way 95% are jabbed. They need to use those contracted jabs, that's one reason why they are hitting the kids.

  5. is 20 % more or less than pre covid ? might be good to establish that before theorising. 40 % of people taking sickies on mondays or fridays is not a sign of fake sickies ….

  6. Yup, I left my job of 15 years because they implimented the mandatory jab. I had set a hard ethical line after the screwed me over, years ago. There were 3 lines, this one just happened to be : forcing a medical procedure as a condition to begin the job or retain employement for staff. Didn't matter what the medical procedure was, just the act of forcing compliance. Still have no job, but making an alright but risky passive income … more than what I was earning there. Though the anxiety is tempered, only by the plan I have set in place and soon diversification of risks.

  7. Yup, I quit my job when the Government handed me two huge fines for not wearing a mask. Now they can pay themselves back at $25wk on the unemployment benefit, which I will be claiming until they have paid themselves back…

  8. This is just a distraction from the damage of mandates.
    Just like all the headlines recently that everything from skipping breakfast to shaking your doona can cause heart attacks, or children have stokes too, or eggs can cause blood clots. It’s all a distraction and conditioning to not link the damage caused by this experiment.

  9. There is 2 different job worlds, the first – pay increases and time off the 2nd world, same pay for last 15 years, more hours no overtime or time off (s- labor). Companies are in the drivers seat because the airport is open and planes are arriving ever 2nd minute of the day. They only care about profits, business as usually will be happening again. Just watch RBA wage growth stats.

  10. Yeah I'm looking at setting up passive income streams so I don't have to rely on a full time job to pay the bills. More than happy to use my time to volunteer for a charity or work a couple of days a week at worse while living off dividends and the like.

  11. ive been working an IT support role remotely for the past 2 years and im very burnt out. i wanted to stay put for at least 2 years so i could demonstrate decent work history at a respectable institution, and during covid having a remote role is not the worst but im very ready to try something new.

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