20% of Tourism Jobs Cut

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20% of tourism jobs have been cut on the Gold Coast.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. The Australian Government should have nationalised the airlines and used the nationalised fuel refineries too to make jet fuel and bring in tourists on loss making plane flights. Tghe tourists will bring in hard cuirrency that filters through ther economy. I live in Ukraine. Everyone says we are so far away, the flight is horrenodus and arduous. If we made $100 flights, people would tolerate the long flight, the lost of $1500 to the government would mean $5000 brought into the country. A net win. But hey, our government are idiots, sold QANTAS, could have bought Virgin cheap .

  2. Just remember how many small towns were destroyed by the bushfires, too. Our economy is fundamentally screwed, just currently propped up by financial stimulus we can't afford to pay. It's a big bubble, and when it bursts, it will be chaos like we've never seen.

  3. Interesting data and facts…Did you know that surrounding nations around Israel with much much lower "vaccination" rate % of population have way way less death and case of the things compare to Israel after 1 shot and now 3rd "booster shots"? Scary…u can find the easy data on WHO website also.

  4. Australia is now viewed as a totalitarian nightmare, doubt there will be too many flying in from overseas.
    Even holidaying interstate is problematic with borders snapping shut with little warning.
    Tourism is never returning to pre Covid rates, time to get out and put your energies elsewhere if that’s even possible considering we are officially under control of the NWO.

  5. Denmark and Sweden are full of people that blindly believe, trust and obey authority. That is why no coercion is needed (I used to live in Sweden – left in disgust 35 years ago). The rest is self explanatory…

  6. 20 percent I think if that's all they are lucky no way is it going to get back to pre pandemic times lots have lost hours jobs and wages still low inflation on food prices are hurting
    Holidays would not be something a lot want for a while