“2000 Mules” Creator Dinesh D’Souza | Sit Down with Michael Franzese

In today’s Sit Down, I have a guest who’s kind of controversial, a staunch conservative, a fellow Christian, writer, and filmmaker. The creator of the documentary film 2000 Mules, Dinesh D’Souza. We talked about certain things in society, in government, and issues in this country that we’re so divided on. Hear us out, keep an open mind and listen to what he has to say.

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Written by Michael Franzese


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  1. Great interview! One point id like to make , and you talk about this in your new book (i just started chapter 3 so im still in the beginning) is how it isnt JUST the democratic party. There are lots of conservatives posing as , well, conservatives who are also caught up in this progressive, machiavellian ideology. They are 2 sides of the same coin so to speak.

    Really enjoying the book so far btw! Chapter 2 with the stock market really surprised me…i knew about those things but not to the extent you lay out. Its unbelievable that its even allowed to go on. Sports players cant bet on sports but govt officials can trade when they directly influence the very things they are trading on! And of course their impeccable record of buying low and selling high. If i went to a casino with their record id be banned as an undesirable. Funny how that works. I got a word to describe them, an 11 letter C word popular amongst italian street persons but ill behave.

  2. Franzese why would you let some far right wing troll get the Halo Effect of being in your presence? I'm disappointed in you. You had a sit down with a grifter, wife abuser (Google his ex), so called Christian who cheated on his wife, and who thinks slavery wasn't a bad thing. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said, "Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are."

  3. Michael, I believe Christians should be always on the side of truth even it means we admit Biden won fair and square. Trump's own lawyers (Powell and Giuliani) have claimed either "'no reasonable person would believe their theories" or that they relied on others to provide facts for the claims of a stolen election. Trump alienated suburban soccer moms with his absurd Covid claims, it's that simple people so deal with it! We will never have the legal proof that Dinesh claims is there, even though I would love to see it. The Trump "worship' cult has blinded people to the point that reasoning is being replaced by outrage. I'm glad you are not 100% locked down on the stolen election conspiracy Michael. Since you are a fellow Christian I am holding you to a higher standard that what the world uses, God Bless!

  4. Keep up the good work Michael you know better then any how they are crooks they took the mafia handbook and are following it to a tee or did the mafia take the government handbook??

  5. Great great video yet again Mike, I heard of 2000 mules, however since I quit watching all these bought and paid for "news" stations… I wasn't exactly sure what it was about.. now I've got to see it, thanks 👍

  6. Of you think the subjective diplomacy wouldve helped, youre being naive. And the satanic NWO counts on such subjectivity and naivete to divide and conquer. If you think New Yorker Trump wasnt holding back for sake of diplomacy while hitting back in order to tell truths…youre part of problem re: buying into liberals and rhinos narrative.

  7. what if the mules smuggled normal meds? like insulin? the only ppl that wd hurt are the corporates. wait a minute, then that wd be in corporates' best interest to tighten the border, and you wd hv the southern US covered in the military…

  8. Sad, the left wants something done, for everyone who was there at Jan 6 2020, even if they didn't do anything, BLM wanting to destroy the Christian American Family ideas, Planned Parenthood want abortion at anytime, so they can make money everywhere at any time, thier main money comes from abortions, which means babies are being killed. They have over 2 billion dollars in thier coffers, they give so much to DNC party members, The Educational system under biden wants Crt taught everywhere and now holding funds for schools if don't have transgenenered program for the kids. The left becoming alot more evil towards Christians

  9. wow michael when I commented a couple weeks ago asking if you would review the movie 2000 Mules and you answered me and said you would watch it I didn't know you would actually have a sit down with Dinesh himself, hearing him talk about politics is just amazing, he is a true genius when it comes to that stuff.
    Michael i originally followed your channel because of your mob movie reviews but your most important videos are actually your political videos, why? because you are smart and really know what you are talking about and you present all the facts and are well spoken. you have a big audience and alot of people just don't know what's really going on in the world because of the fake media, and your videos tell the truth, no bias whatsoever. so these videos are even more important then you think, alot of times i learn what's going on in the world from your videos, (i barely watch the news anymore because its basically just propaganda)
    michael you really should start your own news site or news channel on youtube or just regular TV or even your own social media platform like trump did, micheal we need people like you to help us in this day of age where all conservatives are censored, we need people like you and trump and dinesh, rich powerful people with morals to fight against the democrats and their cancel culture and their evil ways. we need people like you micheal to stop the madness and stupidity of the what the democratic party has become, we internet trolls or whatever you want to call us who make minimum wage have no power at all, all we can do is comment online, but you micheal and all the rich and powerful conservatives need to fight back and turn this country back to what it was before all the idiocracy, do it for all of us the real americans who need your help. do what they did, start a bunch of social media platforms and TV channels all for conservatives. there is really only one news station that tells the truth vs every other one that spits out propaganda. it's to unbalanced. so do what they did but instead of using the media to tell lies just simply tell the truth. because like George Orwell said: "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act"

  10. the left is the communist party now. we got to that point because we had been infiltrated by communist decades ago and the subtly worked their way into the minds of many American people. colleges are all communist now and so is the mainstream media. these are 2 places that tell people how and what to think. it's good nobody trust the mainstream media now but the communist are in a position to call all the shots and if the right even protest they get thrown in jail with no due process because of the patriot act which is really the anti-American act. really this also all goes to their ultimate goal of a new world order so America has to fall and become a communist state because all of the new world order will be a communist slave state. we will own nothing and the elite will stay elites forever and we will be in no position to ever take them out of power once they get everything in place. elon musk is being considered a hero by the majority. the left owns the media and presents this illusion that they are the majority opinion.

  11. Michael… greetings from Japan! Best show yet. While your former life appealed to me out of curiosity, but sit downs like today have more merit as these are topics that truly impact my life… would love to see a similar with a Ben Shapiro and others. Follow Christ, Follow “My” Country and Family… Semper Christo fidelis

  12. Deeply appreciate this interview. I always enjoy listening to Dinesh talk. The two of you did a great job in covering very important subjects. Always enjoy watching your videos.


  14. Thanks Michael Very informative and intelligent Sitdowns one of the Best analysts of politics I've heard Right up there witn Your Book Mafia Democracy!! ✊🏼🇺🇲

  15. I love this channel, but Michael has to realize that the rhetoric he uses against immigrants, is the same rhetoric that was used to treat Italians like shit when we had a mass immigration of criminals, from Italy and other countries, in the late 19th century and the early 20th century.

  16. I think a big way in how we got here is that the Democrats learned that people are easy to control once you put them into victimized groups. Divide and conquer. Turn Blacks into permanent victims – women are victims, gays are victims, even religious victims. Now Trans are the new victims. They literally bioengineered a new victim class. . Once you put people into groups, put them into boxes, you can then control those groups by pretending to be their supporters and defenders. you're their social justice warrior . . even though you're the ones who put them into those boxes in the first place, and will make sure they never get out

  17. You have my attention. There are so many points to discuss. I agree with some ideas of Mr. Franzese, and Mr. D’Sousa( I remember is debate on the existence of God with Christopher Hitchens years ago).

  18. GET ALL POLITICIANS OUT they all suck and out of touch dont know what Americans are going through.. They are robbing hard working tax paying Americans. Let us all come together stop this wolf big government in the words of Thomas Jefferson we need a revolution. Our get trump back in he cared about the American people economy was great he wasnt scum politician this is why he was so hated and attacked by mainstream media who are puppets to new world order.BIDEN AND DEMOCRATICS ARE KILLING THE MIDDLE CLASS and low income is drowning right now like they live in third world country there so broke from gas and food.THEY ARE STARVING us out to but electrics cars there bs green energy that's why biden dont care bout gas prices .They have no clue what to do and they dont care about Americans and wth did 53 billion go in ukraine did y'all know soldiers in ukraine get to eat 1 potato a day they are doing from starving I seen journalist there where is that cash joe it didnt buy those guys food hhhmmm just happens to be where hunter biden had that trouble how ironic any chance money laundering aka going these scum bag politicians pockets.And why is it when dems office tons of mass shootings I mean alot with Obama and Biden now any chance its narrative push gun control. And why is number one death when dems in is overdose maybe people get high from stress of not being able take care of your family money stress cause drug use our suicide.They passed bill last week to drink in senate and house passing Bill's peolle and guess what its delivered on our tax dollar so we pay for there booze delivery and all and they get drunk writing and passing our bills.HELLO people WAKE up time to go by what constitution says like they tried on January 6 but failed that is our house we pay for it.America is going down fast just getting worse every day somehow time to take our country back and save it and stop paying for politicians yachts and mansions .What do they for pur country why do they agree on raises every 3 months funny thet agree on raises nothing else.They are robbing us and dems wants us to pay for everything school,welfare,free money it's okay working people got it we are lining people a pockets that are evil and dnt care about people to be in these powerful positions. NEW fresh blood and minds.New people need to be in our government people who love and care for all people .All these so called politicians want is our tax dollar and to control us and throw out constitution if they could.

  19. The Liberal party or Democrats Are PURE MARXIST and Very SOCIALIST PARTY…Ever since AntiFa and BLM and George Soros and other Dark People that HAVE A Dark Agenda Are the REAL TROUBLE MAKERS for America..😑😑

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