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  1. I agree that this is true, but I am also convinced they did not see the evidence against Dominion. The reason these suits are going forward, is because the establishment knows the defences in these suit they can break financially and win. No one is gonna tell me that I should not believe my eyes. I was monitoring the results in all 5 swing states live. I watched the tally flips live on several networks. I watched all 5 shut down count precisely at the exact same time, down to the 1/100th of a second. I believe both cheats happened and I don't have any idea why they would want to distract that from the evidence. Then if you take the covering of the windows so that the public and the press can not see the count, the numerous GOP observers that were forced out, or moved away from to where they couldn't see. Then if you take the $400,000,000 that Suckeburg spent on these NGO's, that he is talking about, to help overthrow the will of the people, along with what other social media did with the traditional media. This election was a kangaroo republic style election. This will happen to the next election and again it's in clear sight how they ate gonna do it again. And the right are to much of a coward, most in office that is, to do anything about it. Jordan, Johnson, Green, Macy and a handful of others, are the only one even trying. If I get elected my vote for House Speaker would be Jordan or Green.

  2. Apparently you can buy geo-tracking info , like businesses do to track customers to know when they are close and what they like

  3. I tend to believe the whole Covid pandemic was created to oust Trump, but if it wasn’t created for that purpose, it was certainly used for that purpose. Trump did not lose to Dementia Joe who was talking about children rubbing his legs in the pool. What’s become clear is that there are non-conservative, conservatives like Fox News, Ben Shapiro, and unfortunately, Tucker Carlson. I’ve completely lost confidence in the conservative credibility of Fox, Shapiro, and Carlson.

  4. No signature match check in any of the six key states.

    Given no signature match, if a state cheats and defrauds the other states of a legal outcome, there can be no remedy.

  5. Cellphone in pocket, trust passing on federal property is a criminal offence. Lesson learned, leave your cellphone home when tou peacefully protest the federal government.

  6. The US Constitution grants ONLY a State's House of Legislation the power to create election laws. The State Legislature is also not allowed to pass it's election responsibilities off to 3rd parties. Any election laws created by 3rd parties in regards to a presidential election are void. THAT'S the importance of 2000 Mules.

  7. and it's hilarious that the LEFT in the media and on capital hill bashes the cell phone tracking data as useless but Justice Roberts wrote an opinion on this exact topic calling the accuracy of this data the equivalent of DNA evidence

  8. We as a nation need a six-year moratorium on the current voting laws/rules. We need six years of one day, in-person, picture ID, paper ballot elections. With everyone watching those conducting the election. At the six-year point, we can be fairly confident nearly all cheaters are no longer politicians and those in office can go about fixing the voting system without interference from those wanting the continuation of the old cheating system.

    During that six years, each county's voter rolls get purged or the county register goes to prison. The same for any state officer trying to interject ways to cheat into the laws.

  9. Not necessarily a bigger flaw than any other, Ben strikes me as a pragmatist. What is there to gain (and he does have causes and take risks, YAF, etc) but he could be contended on legal chops and what's the upside? Similar open minded circles overlap in followers so not an 'unreached' group by any means … my 2 cents

  10. everything that is going on now with this current maladministration would not be happening if Trump was in office , they had a plan and it starts with the virus release and the dominoes fell from there….the whole thing was to prevent Trump from serving a second term …he is the true president

  11. The Constitution does have the caviat about State Presidential election rules…. UNLESS the United States Senate specifies rules for Presidential Elections… so far, the Senate has not passed any law regarding State level Presidential elections, but the Senate does have the right to.

  12. Nooo the dominion voting machines are a BIG part of the election fraud that happened in the 2020 election. The 2000 mules {& I believed it was much more than 2000 mules} the dominion voting machines the millions of dead people voting, they forced the elderly to lodge voting ballet in nursing homes {in the millions} controlled & filled in by untheorized political personnel, & the list goes on! They ALL contributed to the stolen elections in 2020!

  13. I see nothing coming of this film. The evidence presented doesn't rise to the level of probable cause. Both of these lawyers know this. Lets see where we are at over the next 6 months. My guess is 0 arrests.

  14. In my estimation, the people who are quick to deny fraudulent activity… are the only people who are drinking any cool aid. If they're so confident that the 2020 election was legitimate, they'd be jumping at the chance to prove it. I call shenanigans…

  15. Ever wonder why one party has repeatedly fought to eliminate any way to substantiate voter fraud and then claims 'there is not proof of voter fraud'? Our voting system is broken no one wants to deal with it let alone admit there is a problem

  16. Nevertheless, Dominion is concerning. But the thing that turned the stomachs of people paying attention in November, 2020, was how all common-sense (and statutory) protections of election integrity were ignored.

  17. What 2000 Mules taught me was more about "how to manipulate the ballot box" as in strategize where you want manipulation to take place.
    Dinesh found an odd travel pattern emerging from the Mules repeatedly roaming like Bees to Flowers. In this case, the Bees upon arriving back to Home Base got told where to roam on the next round of travel to pollenate the next Ballot Mail-In Box. Random goes out the window when Mules specifically travel only to certain Ballot Mail-In Boxes. What Dinesh saw on his research was Mules roaming well off their beaten path to specifically land at the Target Polling Mail-In Drop Box. Then, come back again, and again, and again. Random travel was lost and targeting was found. Then you have to ask, Dinesh only touched a piece of the iceberg. How many Mules on election day were targeted by Mules in so many other regions. How many bogus Ballots were magically dropped in? At $10 per ballot its quite lucrative dropping off bogus ballots. Considering all of these Mail-In Ballot boxes weren't actually protected with Scrutinizers viewing who was putting ballots chits in the box.
    That is the point liberals. You have used a very well crafted cheating system right under your very nose. As they say, you didn't even see the forest for the trees. Mules roamed about freely like busy little bees pollenating Mail-In Ballot Boxes right under your nose. 81,000,000 votes went to a fella who has never run an honest day in his life.

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