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The Times wrote an article on this. 2000 Mules, by Dinesh DeSousa, summarized with legal explanations.

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  1. there's a whole bunch of naysayers against what is being shown and talked ABOUT on here, it's a shame to me to read some of the stupid jokes going around for dumb reasons saying this is not true, come on now listen and leave, to me this is highly important, should BE to you too, no justice no GOD.

  2. The repubs did not attempt to check legitimacy because they hated Trump and thought they could cow Joe and the dems by winning the Senate and seats in congress. THEN they lost the recall elections like GA. (which has video proof of vote counts disappearing from the RNC candidate live on TV.) They did not realize that simple joe is just Bo's mask, which is who is talking into joe's earpiece and running the WH with joe as his dummy. Just look at all the obama policies that were immediately resurrected. The repubs have no chance, because they were cocky and lazy. Bo steamrolled them with his community activism finesse.

  3. …..If you haven't seen the movie? You have no right to pontificate on any of it. I've seen it & it makes its case beyond a reasonable doubt the 2020 election was systematically/systemically stolen from the outset. It was targeted at 6 states & the planning of that stolen election was at least 2.5 years in advance (roughly when it became known the Meuller investigation wasn't finding evidence or any criminal activity to what they claimed ie: Russian collusion) Perkins/Cowie law firm changed election laws in direct violation of state constitutions in Pa. & Mi. Lawyer Mark Elias should be hanged for treason just for that. The only thing I agree with in so far as criticism of Republicans in election 2020 is that they stood by & let the Democrats brazenly steal it.

  4. Did they make the claim in the movie that the mules were traveling to multiple drop boxes? Did they show with video proof the same individual(s) visiting the multiple drop boxes? That is, did they show the same individual wearing the same clothes (since it was the same day/night) visiting multiple boxes with actual video proof? Or did they just make that conjecture and not actually demonstrate that evidence? If they did not, this movie is made to take your money.

  5. I could post the video here, but it would only be deleted.
    It hands down shows the criminality behind the voter fraud.
    The Geospatial Technology used alone tells the tracking and the 4 million minutes backs that data.
    I've watched the video at least 10 times and my eyes open wider each time.
    They need to follow the money trail and make the arrests!

  6. In just the first 6 minutes of this video, the speakers make a series of assertions that were not in the movie:
    The criteria for identification of a "mule" was 10 drop box visits and 5 visits to an NGO within an unnamed period of time, not 24 hours as the speakers say. The movie is vague on this point but the context suggests it could be as much as 3 months in Georgia, from October 1 to the Senate runoff on January 3, a little more than 3 months.
    The NGOs in the movie are not identified except in the most general terms. There is certainly no statements in the movie that these were voter registration or voter turnout organizations.
    Contrary to the speakers' claims, here is no video in the movie of any person at more than one drop box, much less dropping off multiple ballots at multiple locations.
    I hope the factual statements of the speakers improves as the video continues.

  7. I finished watching this video and found other errors by the speakers.
    There is the claim that in most states it is illegal to have possess than one ballot. No, in about 60% of the states it is perfectly legal to deliver other people's ballots for them, though there are generally some restrictions.
    There is the claim that no states require "signature match" on the mailed ballot. Actually 27 out of 50 states require "signature verification." Georgia, where most of this movie takes place, requires the number of some form of state-provided identification to be entered, such as a Georgia driver's license. This verification requirement may be one reason the Georgia Secretary of State recently declared that if an otherwise legal ballot were delivered by another person, the state would still count that ballot if it passed the normal verification procedure.
    The movie claims that wearing surgical gloves to vote at a box was evidence of criminal activity. But at the time of the 2020 election, the US was undergoing a surge in Covid cases. People were wearing gloves for all manner of public activities, including voting. Some cities and states distributed gloves to voters to reduce the risk of viral transmission. To suggest that wearing gloves to drop off ballots is "evidence" of criminal activity is a rather silly assumption.
    Drop boxes exist to make it easier for people to vote. Some voters have difficulty going to the polls on election day due to work schedules or family obligations or even medical concerns. There were widely reported post office glitches around that time in 2020, so many people did not trust the mail. There should be little surprise that many people used drop boxes, even at odd hours. For the speaker to say there is no good reason for a voter to use a drop box, is nonsense.

  8. This affects us all, but at least those morons pay the same price as everyone else when they fill up their petrol tanks, suffer from supply chain and inflation problems, and pay for domestic energy.

  9. You didn't even touch on the Dominion "voting" machines that can print out their own "test" ballots. The same machines that magically between 2016 and 2020 turned up in sooo many mostly democrat districts in mostly battleground states. These are places that already had SECURE Debold counting machines.

  10. Barnes, I love ya but Prager is not a war monger. Being in favor sometimes for valid reasons, as I do, even if many disagree does not make one a war monger.

  11. It surprised me that Shapiro had a lot of negative things to say about 2000 Mules. I know he is a smart guy but anyone watching it could see A-LOT of people did illegal things. They even had a whistleblower

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