2000 Mules Sparks County Sheriff to Initiate 2020 Fraud Investigation: 16 Cases Already Open

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  1. Right after 2000 Mules hit theaters, the big question on many people's minds was: WHO IS FUNDING THIS? And so, we flew down to Florida and interviewed True the Vote's founder and lead researcher. They explained how there are BILLIONS of dollars in funding that flows through Obama-affiliated foundations to "local insurgencies" to fund these… creative ballot initiatives. They also explained that their movie (and their initial research) is just the beginning. Watch the full interview 👉

  2. Im in Houston Tx and went to try voting earlier which I usually don’t do … turns out they ask you for your Identification and right after they ask you to pick your party before letting you in a booth 😳 I didn’t know they did this because I never vote early … this should be illegal. The funny part is I can tell a leftist from a mile away and the 6 people there were dems just saying, they should look into that as well

  3. The Dimms cheated. They know we know they cheated and continue to lie.
    NOTHING will change until there are serious consequences whenever
    a person is caught violating our voting laws. Until then, we really do not
    have a law or real elections. That is what we call banana republics.

  4. Don't forget about those Hugo ChavezDominion vote-switching machines.
    Somebody definitely needs to get to the bottom of that scandal as well, otherwise Conservatives will continue to lose elections.

  5. The most sickening thing is how it's so obvious that this last election was a fraud and Trump won. It's so obvious that these the rules were broken and the Communist Democrat party is usurping its position over the country now. If something serious isn't done about guarding our voting we are done. We need to investigate this and prove it and. And when it's proven that party should be put in prison and the capital punishment should be used in many cases. That fraudulent voting has caused this country dearly and that's why we're paying so many high prices they're trying to destroy this country and bringing communism. And it's disgusting supreme Court wouldn't even look at obvious evidence. I am formal law enforcement in what I've seen was clear and evidence that should be investigated. This country sickens me anymore parasites

  6. More circus investigation stalling tactics. Meanwhile 22 months is approaching fast. What's 22 months? Does anybody know what I'm talking about? What happens 22 months after a presidential election? That's right, all that data will be wiped clean like a Hillary laptop. Gone. Vanished. All the while you were distracted by BS investigations that went nowhere and produced nothing, Ukraine, inflation, open borders, and transgender teachers. But not one of you "patriots" is discussing what's coming in Sept 2022.

  7. FOUNDATIONS = Soros and the other Marxist enemies of free people. Saul
    Alinsky was the first American Communist to set up and work foundations. He is long gone and good riddance though his evil continues via these foundations and those spawned decades on😡

  8. Agreed, fraudulent voting has to be stopped and the culprits of the 2020 election interference have to be brought to justice and dealt with severely. No more mail-in ballots/votes.

  9. even when its proven they still are not going to put Trump in office so what is going to happen? They are going to do what, put a few nobody idiots in jail? No.
    Are they going to take this nursing home Jack hole out of the White House? No.
    Are we going to get control of our borders? no.
    Meanwhile my wife whom I have been waiting a year and still have not heard from UCIS on the I 130 we have filed as milk is nearly $8 per gallon of milk and my Hope's of buying a home is gone. By next year everyone who bought a house will be upside down and people defaulting on loans. I really have lost all trust in America and people. America is just a bunch of Liberal minded feminists and no one will ever be held responsible which is just going to go on and on until we start having some kind of crazy events no one will ever see coming. I just am curious how far it is to the bottom?

  10. All oath breakers i think are commetting treason against america an should if convicted be never be allowed in america again and relived of everything from america

  11. Damage is already done. Two years of total failure, my country is no more. Great if 'they' fix the problem, that's their plan anyways. 75% of the country (Dem / Rep) went to bed that night figured they would have the same president

  12. It is rather interesting with Ballot Drop Boxes and Mules. What Denish D'Souza found was an interesting travel pattern that pretty much illustrates a masterful methodology of Mules roaming Box to Box to Box. He found that there was no random travel coincidence between Mules and the Drop Box. You see, the Boxes are the slight of hand right before your eyes. They are basically, unprotected, non-scrutinized ballot stuffing boxes open for business and easily accessed, multiple times by the same Mule over and over again.
    What the Mules do is, pick up a specific number of ballots, not too outrageous, but cumulatively over the course of the day, a sizable number of ballots. The Mule picks up their load, because each load is valuable in dollars to the mule. The NGO's and Special Interest Groups route the Mules to specific target boxes. It's a very specialized "seeding program". There is no reason to drop Mule ballots into known Democrat winning District Ballot boxes. So the traffic patterns, from what I see are Mules seeding target swing location ballot boxes to just win by enough. It can't be too obvious the "THE FIX" is in play. "THE FIX" is the Socialist Democrat ballot box stuffing agenda to swing elections.
    Always remember, the calls of "Every Vote Must be Counted". Of course every vote will be counted, you stuffed the ballot boxes with stealth right under their very noses. You see, political science engineering made a method to not let you see the forest for the trees.
    Mister D'Souza found the travel path that the Mules used to sneak past the trees and the forest. How does a random Mule Ballot Carrier so easily move from Ballot Box to Ballot Box to Ballot Box without raising an eyebrow. Easy, just dump a magical few bundles at a time, and like busy little bees, move on to another flower to pollenate the next one with more magical ballots.
    you know, you have to give them credit. It's a pretty slick method of deception.

  13. Brace yourselves. The democrats will cheat the mid terms and the 2024. Watch for it. They have a bullet proof plan in place and have lots of time to implement it when the time comes. Remember. Its not what you know its what you can prove. They will know we know they cheated but it will not be provable.

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